The Team is the Hero

Aprajita Verma | Technical lead and Operational Architect

Everyone is the main character, the hero, in their own stories. But when it comes to a software company, the idea of a sole crusader doesn’t fit. Multiple stakeholders bring in their specific skills to create the most complicated and relevant solutions. A team brings in diverse skillsets, multiple options and viewpoints which open new windows of opportunities. It is the team that is the hero.

The cinematic idea of a technology genius staring at multiple black screens with cascading lines of code and relentlessly typing on until they reach a eureka moment is hardly true! Instead, such triumphant moments are birthed because of a team deliberating, discussing, and divulging into minute details. It is, in fact, essential for any success that there is a sense of contribution and solidarity. In MYCOM OSI, teamwork plays a central role for success. Multiple teams collaborate instead of working in silos.

There is a fallacy behind the idiom, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none”. In reality, the full quote is, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”. When an individual tries to understand the skills outside their comfort zone, it allows the individual to understand the nitty-gritty or the complexity of the work being done by other members of the team. This builds up appreciation and a positive bonding among all. In a well-oiled efficient machine, even a small cog has its importance and often that can be appreciated only when we are a ‘Jack of all trades’. In my journey in MYCOM OSI, I had the experience of working with people who do not have the same skillset as I, and yet, I got the opportunity to closely discuss and understand their work. It helped me to be empathetic and appreciate the value that a team offers when we come together. And deliver the best while being the best.

A workplace where we build each other up is possible only when everyone has a strong sense of teamwork. I am proud to say MYCOM OSI has given me a battlefield where it is not me versus them instead it is me and you versus them (the problems).