The MYCOM OSI family

Gourav Nagpal | Senior Systems Engineer

A company about which I had not heard before became one of the best places where I spent most of my working life, learnt a lot of new things, met lots of new people and lived tons of experiences.

When I joined the Gurgaon office, I saw all new faces, but in some time, I made a lot of friends. Every Friday, we would go out for a social. All of us worked for different customers but had a lot of similarities to talk about and share with each other. It was like a family dinner time!

After a few months , I began to travel to customer locations. Things were very different there. We met the customer personally rather than through long emails, understood their requirements and worked with our teams to fulfil the customer requirements.

There were times when the timelines were short as we were migrating a few old systems (which had been built over the years) and with MYCOM OSI’s past achievements the customer expectations were sky high. What some companies had built over a span of years, MYCOM OSI were asked to deliver within months. It was challenging, but we took up the challenge. We spent late nights at office and had team dinners within the office. We were becoming like family here too. The target was met. And the result was a happy customer!

Then Covid struck. The team dinners and face to face meetings were gone. A new way of life evolved. We began to meet virtually over phone. It was strange and a bit difficult to get used to, but we continued. Soon this became the new normal. Team dinners were converted to virtual team meetings over tea, and customer meetings were converted to a series of mails and virtual calls.

In the meantime, several teams evolved and new faces were added to the MYCOM OSI family. Now, with things getting back to normal, I look forward to meeting new colleagues and having new MYCOM OSI family dinners hopefully again, and return to the good old life, once again.