Smart Networks for a Smart World: MYCOM OSI at Mobile World Congress 2015

MYCOM OSI is participating in Mobile World Congress 2015, which is taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from March 2 to March 5. A key area of interest for the ‘world’s greatest mobile event’ is the way that mobile technology is transforming our lives by connecting not just people but also ‘smart’ devices and thus laying the foundation of smart homes, smart cities and a brave new – smart – world.

The smart world challenges and opportunities for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) require smart approaches to understanding subscriber/device behavior and making the best use of available resources in order to optimize service quality and customer experience. The dawn of the smart world gives CSPs a unique chance to transform their ‘dumb pipes’ into ‘smart networks’ by utilizing the wealth of network/service/device/customer data at their disposal. This information can form the basis for novel product offerings and expansion to new verticals as well as enhanced decision making and increased operational efficiency. At the same time, the introduction of virtualization and hybrid (physical and virtual) networks will add to the complexity of CSP operations, and will mandate the deployment of smart, simplified solutions to unify suboptimal silo-centric operations and support the intelligent automation of network processes.

MYCOM OSI enables ‘Smart Networks for a Smart World’. For more details on the MYCOM OSI participation in Mobile World Congress 2015 and to request a meeting, please click here.