MYCOM sees industry need for Advanced Managed Services enabling platform focused on Customer Experience

Dubai, UAE – 18 April 2012 – MYCOM attended the annual Telecommunications Managed Services conference in Dubai (16 – 17 April). The conference gave opportunity to the various players of the ecosystem to share their best practices and views on the benefits of the managed services business model.

The conference outlined the growing trend of network services outsourcing and full network 
managed services. The various operators’ case studies outlined the positive impact of this business model on their performance as it allows them to reduce their Opex while giving them the ability to focus their energy on managing their customers and innovating in products and services.

Beyond simple Opex reduction, the industry is giving a closer look at the potential of Managed 
services to foster business value creation. In particular, it was discussed how managed services could help optimize and increase the return on invested capital, and increase revenues. And there was a consensus that to achieve this value creation, the managed services should evolve in the following directions: From Network Centric to User Centric, from partial to holistic end-to-end views, and from outsourcing to strategic governance.

Service Providers are showing greater interest in this new business model, and the number of 
managed services contracts in the region is a testament to this fact. However, Service Providers are demanding this value creation, and there was consensus that this could be only achieved via an endto-end management of the network and a greater focus on User experience.

In this context, MYCOM strongly believes that our leading Service Assurance NIMS-PrOptima suite can act as a powerful enabling platform to these value creating managed services. Its unique crossdomain and cross-technology capabilities added to its advanced capabilities for managing user quality of experience allows the delivery of value added and differentiating managed services.

MYCOM is today involved in a number of such projects, and will continue its active involvement in the managed services value delivery chain.