MYCOM Reduces Time-to-Optimization of Carrier Ethernet Deployments

London, UK – 27th September 2012 – MYCOM, the leading independent provider of carrier-grade Network and Services Performance solutions, today announced off-the-shelf support of Carrier Ethernet technologies for its NIMS-PrOptima™ network performance management solution.

Carrier Ethernet is a technology being deployed by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) as they transform their networks to all-IP to gain advantages in costs, flexibility and capacity. Carrier Ethernet equipment growth already outpaces the overall Telco market fuelled by investment in mobile backhaul and increased traffic, and the launch of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 further drives deployment of a wide range of new equipment that needs to be incorporated in to CSP’s performance management systems.

MYCOM’s NIMS-PrOptima is a carrier-grade network performance management solution that lowers costs and increases efficiency by providing unified reporting for all mobile and fixed networks regardless of technology, rapidly processing comprehensive performance data and empowering users through productive analysis and management capabilities.

Key to reducing costs is the industry’s largest library of off-the-shelf interfaces which enables NIMS-PrOptima customers to rapidly incorporate technologies, domains and network equipment in to their network performance management systems.

The addition of Carrier Ethernet extends this off-the-shelf technology interface coverage, which also includes: GSM, UMTS, LTE, HSxPA, CDMA, WiMAX, Packet Core, Circuit Core, IMS, IP, ATM, TDM, MPLS, PWE3, VPLS, Metro Ethernet Services (E-LAN, E-line, E-tree), and a large variety of service platforms including IN, Messaging and Video.

Several CSPs have been leveraging MYCOM’s Carrier Ethernet solutions to enable assessment of the dependencies and performance impacts between radio access and backhaul networks particularly in the context of high bandwidth multimedia content. As well as rapid integration of new equipment into their performance management system, customers have been able to manage vendor equipment compliance and acceptance, optimize networks and – because NIMS-PrOptima supports multiple technologies – easily compare pre- and post-transformation performance.

“As well as rapidly integrating Carrier Ethernet technologies in to their performance management systems using NIM-PrOptima interfaces for Carrier Ethernet which reduces costs and deployment time in their own right,” said Mounir Ladki, CTO, MYCOM “CSPs can use MYCOM’s Capacity Planning and Equipment Profiling capabilities to efficiently control and optimize their Carrier Ethernet equipment investments in the face of massive traffic growth.“

MYCOM’s Carrier Ethernet interface solutions are available immediately and include support of Huawei PTN / RTN 900 series through U2000 Integration, Cisco ASR 9K, 7600, ME 3400 Series or Juniper EX and MX series.