MYCOM OSI predicts industry transformation in 2015

Builds on market success in 2014 to target end-to-end Service Assurance solutions that correlate customers and services to multi-vendor, multi-technology CSP networks

LONDON, UK – 12th January 2015 – MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of best-in-class Service Assurance solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today revealed the keystones of its commercial success in 2014 and set out its predications and expectations for the year ahead. The acquisition of OSI by MYCOM in June 2014 was the headline event in a series of major customer, partner and product successes throughout the year. MYCOM OSI now works with 8 of the top 10 CSP groups globally*, including a 150+ million subscriber ‘Super NOC’ deployment.

“The network is in danger of becoming estranged from the very customers it is meant to serve because of the difficulty faced by operators in correlating customers and services to the tangled network mess created by more and more technologies, vendors and device types. Network and service quality has the highest impact on customer retention, yet many operators struggle to manage it effectively,” said Mounir Ladki, President and Chief Technology Officer, MYCOM OSI.

“As our acquisition of OSI aptly demonstrated, for us 2014 was all about doubling down on our mission of helping operators with an end-to-end, integrated Service Assurance solution that could bring order, visibility and efficiency to their business at reduced complexity, risk and cost. What is clear is that emphasis on network and service quality will continue to be a defining trend in 2015, because networks and services are only getting more complex – and the risk of subscribers churning is only increasing.”

The creation of MYCOM OSI brought together industry experts with many years of experience in the telecoms industry, who are looking to solve the next big network-related challenge for CSPs. This – in addition to its work with leading CSPs around the world – gives MYCOM OSI unrivalled insights into the market trends, challenges and opportunities that will help shape 2015.

MYCOM OSI’s predictions for the year ahead include:

Operators start to win the Net Neutrality argument. The industry and regulators will finally accept the inevitable – that you cannot have an open and unlimited Internet but still expect mobile operators to invest billions in their infrastructure. CSPs will start to win the Net Neutrality argument, with developments potentially taking place in Europe first, following the model of fixed-line Internet where speed restrictions determine the price of the broadband package. Customer and application aware traffic management has to be expected if the industry is to continue to develop. Otherwise, it will be innovation itself that is throttled.

The trend towards virtualization will continue with Orchestration as the major priority. As NFV moves through its own hype cycle, we will see virtualization begin to transform the core network and service delivery. However, NFV itself will remain in the evaluation phase in 2015 as operators and vendors work with bodies such as the TM Forum and its ‘Catalyst Program’ to establish the best practices and standards needed to create solutions that will really deliver on the NFV promise and successfully address the complexity that NFV introduces. Service and Network Orchestration will be a major priority, and operators will start planning the transformation of their existing OSS to cope with the stepped introduction of NFV.

After years of hype and unfulfilled promises, streaming mobile TV will finally arrive with LTE and eMBMS. The sign of things to come is clear. For example, in the UK, BT is lined up to buy Everything Everywhere, while Vodafone is already bundling its 4G offering with Sky TV and Netflix subscriptions. In 2015, the perfect storm of LTE networks and the changing balance of power in the broadcast industry will blow the industry towards finally delivering on the ‘mobile TV’ promise.

Context-sensitive communications will begin to change the nature of app traffic over the network. The rise of contextual information, m-payment, Internet of Things and M2M will shape not only the apps that we use, but also the data traffic they create. From digital advertising delivered when you walk past a small cell enabled billboard to context-aware ‘To Do Lists’ and alarms that deliver the relevant information at the relevant time, the sophistication of the services will change how apps, users and networks interact.

Big Data Analytics will start to win over ‘skeptical’ CSPs. Aside from the hype around Big Data and Analytics, many CSPs will realize the intrinsic value of their network, service, device and customer related data that they can already apply analytics to. In 2015, such data will be used to support optimal business planning and decision-making, such as value-based capacity planning that aligns expensive network CapEx investments with customer and service usage.

Increased complexity will see independent vendors disrupt the Service Assurance market and prompt the exit of a major one-size-fits-all generalist. The established order in the Service Assurance industry will be disrupted. The increasing pace of telecom infrastructure innovation and changes coupled with the breadth of disparate systems from multiple vendors will require Service Assurance vendors to simplify network complexity and reduce operational costs through advanced telecom-specific software features rather than relatively expensive-to-evolve bespoke solutions by Professional Services teams. No longer able to shape an industry by virtue of their own incumbency, we expect to see at least one major multi-vertical sector IT software giant accept that it cannot deliver the innovation demanded by its telecom sector customers and so exit the Services Assurance market.

Key company milestones for MYCOM OSI in 2014 included:

  • Acquisition of OSI by MYCOM Software Business to create MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of best-in-class Service Assurance solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers
  • Proven deployments that work in demanding real-world CSP environments, evidenced by large-scale deployments for example at Vodafone India’s 150+ million subscriber ‘Super NOC’ deployment, and a leading US operator with Fault Management of their LTE network
  • New levels of scalability such as the release of NIMS-PrOptima™ 4.2 with its ability to process 100 billion performance management data records per hour
  • Competitive displacement customer wins, including UNITEL where MYCOM OSI was selected after a comprehensive market evaluation to replace an incumbent who was unable to consistently meet UNITEL’s functional and service requirements on the live network
  • Unprecedented customer and partner engagement at two international User Group Meetings, with 15+ customer and partner presentations and attendance by more than 120 Service Assurance specialists from the world’s largest CSPs, System Integrators and industry analysts
  • Corporate expansion globally, with the opening of new offices in India and double-digit growth in headcount and revenues

MYCOM OSI will be attending Mobile World Congress 2015, where it will be exhibiting in Hall 1, Stand 1A20.

* by revenue, Operator Group Rankings, Q2 2014, GSMA