MYCOM OSI Launches Next Generation Automation & Orchestration Solution

MYCOM OSI ProActor™ will help Communications Service Providers maximize operational efficiency and address the complexity of new network technologies and virtualization

Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona – 3rd March 2015 – MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of Next Generation Service Assurance, Automation/Orchestration, and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced the launch of its ProActor™ Automation & Orchestration solution.

MYCOM OSI ProActor™ is a Next Generation Automation & Orchestration solution that addresses the challenges of growing network complexity – in the light of VoLTE, LTE-A, HetNets, M2M/IoT, and NFV/Virtualization – by automating CSP Operations and Engineering processes based on best-practice business policies. ProActor™ can increase the speed/frequency of essential activities, accelerate issue identification and resolution, reduce manual errors, and free up valuable resources to focus on more important tasks. In addition to maximizing efficiency, ProActor™ can help CSPs fully benefit from new technologies and – as NFV is adopted – from virtualization through end-to-end service orchestration of hybrid (physical and virtual) networks.

Key ProActor™ highlights include:

  • Customization through an open-box, programmable framework that can incorporate expert knowledge and CSP-specific best practices
  • Flexibility to automate repeatable activities and to orchestrate complex processes, in policy-based open loop (‘recommendation’ mode) or closed loop (autonomous mode) and with support for event-triggered, scheduled and manually initiated actions as applicable
  • Ability to define/edit automated workflows (called AutoFlows™) using on an intuitive policy-decision-tree graphical interface and use case specific templates, instead of complex programming languages
  • Unified, multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-domain platform that can make use of a diverse set of data in real time or near real time, and can support the orchestration of hybrid (physical and virtual) networks
  • Effective visualization and logging/journaling options to inform on the outcome of automated actions, facilitate learning from experience, and enable traceability and rollback

“One of the major issues that concern our customers – which include 8 of the Top 10 global CSP groups – is the rising level of network complexity and how this affects costs, new services introduction, customer experience, and existing/new revenue streams. The ability to automate network and service operations, making full use of the wealth of CSP data, used to be a significant but to a certain extent optional requirement. This is now becoming vital for CSPs,’’ commented Dr. Payam Taaghol, CEO at MYCOM OSI. “We are delighted to announce the launch of ProActor™, one of the two new products that MYCOM OSI is launching at Mobile World Congress this year. ProActor™ fits our ‘Smart Networks for a Smart World’ theme at the event, building upon the deep telecom expertise of MYCOM OSI to assist CSPs in their efforts to improve customer satisfaction and to prepare for the complexity of hybrid networks. ProActor™ is also a key enabler of the MYCOM OSI vision of ‘self-optimized customer experience’.”

“It is getting increasingly more difficult for CSPs to cost-effectively manage service quality and customer experience due to network complexity. In addition to technologies such as VoLTE and LTE-A or HetNets, the advent of the Smart World (a world of billions of connected smart devices) will give rise to new challenges,’’ added Mounir Ladki, President and CTO at MYCOM OSI. “We have launched ProActor™ to help CSPs address these challenges. Unlike solutions such as SON that are limited to a single domain or are rigid ‘black boxes’ that CSPs cannot customize, or solutions that lack telecom focus and advanced orchestration capabilities, ProActor™ provides a flexible, multi-domain foundation built upon years of experience with leading CSPs. This foundation is going to become essential in managing hybrid networks, which will require end-to-end service orchestration for CSPs to fully benefit from NFV and other disruptive virtualization concepts.”

MYCOM OSI will be demonstrating and discussing a number of ProActor™ use cases at Mobile World Congress, Hall 1, Stand 1A20.