MYCOM OSI injects latest Performance Management capabilities into NOC/SOCs to enable Proactive & Preventative operations

Launches PrOptima™ 5 to empower NOC/SOC teams, and new open APIs to build proactive NOC/SOC solutions

TM Forum Live! Nice, France – 9th May 2016MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced the latest version of its PrOptima™ network performance management solution.

As CSPs come under increasing pressure to optimize customer experience whilst reducing costs, a major requirement of CSP Operations Centers is to move from being reactive to proactive.  Version 5 of PrOptima™ injects advanced network performance management capabilities into Network and Service Operations Centers (NOC/SOCs) so as to equip operations teams with near real-time early warning systems that proactively monitor and analyze the network, identify degradations to pre-empt potential incidents before they occur, and enable preventative actions.

PrOptima™ 5 introduces new open APIs (HTTP REST APIs) that enable MYCOM OSI’s catalogue of Proactive and Preventative NOC/SOC solutions to be more easily deployed, in addition to enabling 3rd party applications – such as analytics, business intelligence and service dashboards – easy, fast access to near real-time network performance data.

Teams within Network and Service Operations Centers gain new customizable Geographical Information System (GIS) views that enable massive volumes of performance data (collected from network/service sources) to be easily visualized. The intuitive web-based interfaces of PrOptima™ 5 simplify the 24/7 management of complex data across different CSP stakeholders – from NOC engineers to C-suite executives – through UI features such as intelligent annotation, which allows collaborative team comments on dashboards and reports to improve troubleshooting time and enable consensus-based decision-making.

The NOC/SOC teams can also solve performance problems faster with enhanced Root Cause Analysis techniques, such as rapid GIS zooming into degraded cell locations, and enhanced visualization of combined multi-technology RAN performance, down to cell level.

“MYCOM OSI PrOptima™ 5 helps NOC/SOC operational teams be more proactive and preventative through high-end usability and collaborative features that unlock and simplify the use of vast amounts of complex performance data,” said Paul Ghanime, VP Product Management at MYCOM OSI. “PrOptima™ 5 also provides an open platform for fast access to near real-time, petabyte scale performance data that not only drives our own proactive NOC/SOC and ProActor automation solutions but also 3rd party apps.”

MYCOM OSI PrOptima™ 5 introduces other advanced features including:

  • Rich web-based GIS to enable flexibility in navigating and synchronizing quickly between clutter/ terrain maps of different RAN technologies (2G to 5G). Users can now create instantaneous real-time GIS views, and reduce the time to troubleshooting problems by a ratio of 3:1
  • PrOptima™ 5 acts as a near real-time, end-to-end network data source for northbound analytics computations using HTTP REST APIs which enables fast, collaborative data exchanges with third party BI and CXA applications in the CSP ecosystem
  • IP active test capabilities to provide unified provisioning, managing and reporting of the performance of IP network elements for end-to-end visibility in increasingly IP-ized core and backhaul networks.

PrOptima™ 5 builds on previous releases that provided massive performance and scalability capabilities – processing over 100 billion performance data records per hour – as well as multi-region/multi-country support via a federated architecture with enhanced elastic storage that supports multi-tenancy network business models including Tier-1 RAN sharing, M&A and country-scale network consolidations.

PrOptima™ 5 is a converged (Mobile/Fixed/IP/Virtualized) Network Performance Management solution with out-of-the-box support for multiple technologies, domains and equipment vendors across access, backhaul and core (physical and virtualized) networks. It processes large volumes of performance data in near real-time, has advanced correlation, analysis, reporting and visualization modules, is highly flexible and configurable, and supports large multi-tenancy networks.