MYCOM OSI and TM Forum Present Big Data State-of-the-Nation Webinar

Webinar to Showcase New Research and Operator Case Studies on how Network Analytics Drives Better Customer Experience and New Revenues

London, UK – 16th April 2015 – In a webinar at 15:00 BST on 16th April 2015, MYCOM OSI and TM Forum will draw on research data and tier 1 operator case studies to present on network analytics and how they can play a major role in driving business improvements and service provider share price increase.  The webinar will explore findings from the TM Forum Quick Insight Report ‘Network Analytics – Creating Better Customer Experience and New Revenues’ and look at two MYCOM OSI use cases: value-based capacity planning and QoS-driven NFV orchestration.

Rebecca Sendel, sr. director of customer centric programs, TM Forum, and Mounir Ladki, president & chief technology officer, MYCOM OSI, will cover the following:

  • Current market forces and commercial pressures
  • Critical functionalities for network analytics, particularly in light of virtualization
  • Service providers’ strategies and approaches for network analytics
  • Challenges faced by service providers as they use real time and offline data
  • Practical steps to address the challenges and use network data for better customer experience, profitability and competitiveness

Mounir will share insight on how operators are starting to transform capacity planning through analytics insight, making use of historical and bear real time network data, customer commercial and handset data and simulation software based forecasts to plan strategically and decrease CAPEX while increasing profitability.  He will also look at how to manage legacy and virtualized networks with quality of service (QoS)-aware business optimization policies informed by network analytics visibility.

Further, Rebecca will share best practice for data analytics and explain how TM Forum is creating a common language for service providers and their suppliers to accelerate procurement of big data analytics solutions.

“For years operators have sought the ability to implement customer behaviour-driven service design, and now the technology has advanced to enable them to realise this,” said Mounir. “We’re now seeing real progress from our customers (which include 8 out of the top 10 global CSP groups) in seizing the opportunity to drive value through network and customer big data analytics – crucially they are looking to tap sources across the organization holistically, made possible through an intelligent analytics layer that maps network data and groups it according to business logic.”

Register to attend the webinar at 15:00 BST Thursday 16th April at the link here.