MYCOM Enhances ‘Unified’ Network Performance Management Solution

NIMS-PrOptima 4.1 deepens cross-domain visualization and correlation capabilities for HetNets

TM Forum Digital Disruption, San Jose – 29th October 2013 – MYCOM, the leading independent provider of carrier-grade Service and Network Performance solutions, today announced the latest version of its NIMS-PrOptima™ solution with enhanced cross-domain capabilities for delivering unified network performance management across heterogeneous networks.

Unified network performance management addresses the challenges communications services providers face in visualizing and correlating performance data in large scale networks across multiple domains, technology layers and equipment vendors.

NIMS-PrOptima 4.1 builds on the major NIMS-PrOptima 4.0 release announced in May 2013 which delivered high performance and scalability for big network data analytics and over 10 Billion data records processed per hour, near real-time visibility down to 5 minute intervals and 400,000 network elements managed on a single system instance.

With NIMS-PrOptima 4.1, communications service providers have improved capabilities to proactively identify network quality degradation, perform faster root cause analysis (RCA) and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) which all improves customer experience. NIMS-PrOptima 4.1 enhancements include:

  • Cross-domain composite KPIs that enable network-wide monitoring using a single high level network-wide KPI – such as Accessibility or Network and Service Health Index – and rapid root cause analysis by drilling-down through the KPI hierarchy to problematic objects
  • Flexible analysis and reporting capabilities ranging from a single unified view of the entire network using Google Maps™ with ad-hoc drill down to the lowest-level of ultra-fine granularity such as cell neighbor links and QoS class maps
  • Root cause analysis across network domains
  • Custom-defined performance management datasets that intersect multiple dimensions such as geography, organization, network domain and service types

“Network quality is important to customer experience initiatives today but as networks evolve to support the massive growth opportunity in Digital Services and M2M applications it will become even more critical to have a unified, proactive performance management solution in place” commented Mounir Ladki, CTO at MYCOM. “With many M2M applications being more ‘mission-critical’ and time-sensitive than traditional subscriber services such as with certain health, billing and or transportation applications, CSPs need to keep network quality at peak performance. Also, they need to fully understand the impact of M2M on capacity and operations – in one case, our unified performance management solution identified a complex cross-domain problem where weekly ‘call-home’ signaling of thousands of smart meters from a company that had gone out of business was degrading network performance in an indirect manner.”

MYCOM’s NIMS-PrOptima is a converged (Fixed/IP/Mobile) Service and Network Performance Management solution with out-of-the-box support for multiple technologies, domains and equipment vendors across access, backhaul, core and service networks. It processes large volumes of performance, configuration and services data in near real-time, has advanced correlation, analytics, reporting and visualization modules, and is highly flexible via automation, workflow and configuration capabilities.

NIMS-PrOptima 4.1 also introduces enhancements to its alarms visualization and correlation, telecom-specific KPI formula editing, real-time data export scheduling, and the deployment capabilities of its mediation server and data warehouse.