MYCOM Contributes to latest Customer Experience Architectures in TM Forum Catalyst

MYCOM NIMS-PrOptima™ part of ’Quantifying Customer Experience through Combined Probe and Performance Measurements’

London, UK – 7th May 2013 – MYCOM, the leading independent provider of carrier-grade Service and Network Performance solutions, today announced that its NIMS-PrOptima™ network performance management solution will be demonstrated as part of a TM Forum Catalyst on Customer Experience Management.

TM Forum Catalysts are technology collaboration projects featuring service providers and vendor teams working together to demonstrate innovative ideas and solutions. They will be showcased at TM Forum’s flagship conference and expo, TM Forum Management World 2013, 13 – 16 May, Nice, France.

With the proliferation and rapid evolution of Service Quality Management and Customer Experience Management needs and transformations across service provider organizations, the combining of probe and performance measurements is essential to delivering Customer & Service Assurance.

The Catalyst demonstration – called Quantifying Customer Experience through combined Performance and Probe Measurements – delivers a practical implementation of quantifiable quality of experience (QoE) metrics for mobile broadband services by leveraging and combining network probe and performance data. In addition, the Catalyst utilizes standards from 3GPP and IETF for network metrics, TM Forum’s CEM Service Models and Metrics and the harmonized TIP Performance Management Interface.

In the Catalyst, MYCOM’s  NIMS-PrOptima™ network and service performance management solution integrates with HP’s Customer Experience Assurance solution and provides resource performance data across 2G/3G/4G Radio and Mobile Core Networks through the use of TMF TIP PM Collection interface. This network performance data is combined with user and signaling plane probe data originated from Astellia high capacity passive IP probe data to demonstrate three uses cases:

  • Customer Care: a corporate mobile broadband user calls to complain about a poor video conferencing experience. The Call Centre agent identifies the user’s affected video call, confirms the fault and explains that 4G coverage was unexpectedly lost. A Trouble Ticket with all relevant information is created allowing root-cause analysis in NIMS-PrOptima™
  • Service Operations:  subscribers experience quality degradation when streaming video, due to a handover delay between 4G and 3G. The use case demonstrates the QoE Assurance eco-system collaboration from detection through identification & root-cause in NIMS-PrOptima™
  • Network Engineering: the network engineering team using NIMS-PrOptima™optimize the use of the network and its capacity for the most used applications and handsets while combining service & handset user & signaling traffic information with deep-dive 4G Cells network performance information

MYCOM’s NIMS-PrOptima™ is a converged (Fixed/IP/Mobile) Service Assurance solution with out-of-the-box support for multiple technologies, domains and equipment vendors across access, backhaul, core and service networks. It processes large volumes of performance, configuration and services data in near real-time, has advanced correlation, analysis, reporting and visualization modules, and is highly flexible via automation, workflow and configuration capabilities.

“Focusing on Customer Experience has become a business imperative for Service Providers as they face the pressures of saturated markets, increasing data traffic and declining profits,” commented Mounir Ladki, CTO, MYCOM, “Service and Network performance is a critical component of the overall CEM architecture, both in providing essential measurements as well as enabling proactive Customer Centric Network Operations. We are delighted to be contributing to this Catalyst through our best-in-class NIMS-PrOptima™ platform and helping the latest advances of CEM.”