My personal and professional journey overcoming adversity

Anusha Chinthareddy | In-Service Management Engineer

First, we must change ourselves and our thinking, and then our lives can change.

My father, a farmer in India, was responsible for supporting my family: my mother, an older sister, an older brother, and me. He was unable to afford top schools for my brother and myself. Because of my mother’s illness, my sister put her studies on hold to take care of the family. Seeing my father struggle as an illiterate person made me realize that without education, I would not be able to achieve much in life.

I became interested to pursue my B.Tech., and with the support of the government, I was able to complete my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. My mother died when I was pursuing my master’s degree. Had we been able to provide good hospital care, she might have lived. I realized that we can’t exist without money and that I need to stand on my own feet. I had to prove myself to the world.

I hadn’t scored a good percentage until my 12th grade, because I didn’t understand the value of education then, but in my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I received excellent grades. I finished my post-graduate studies.

I began my career as a Test Engineer in a small firm in India, where I wasn’t happy with the work or the pay, but I had to work to keep myself occupied and focused on my future. I put in my best effort all the time, even on weekends, and I was recognized by the customer as best “Hard worker” and good “Quality Engineer” in a team.

In two years, I got an opportunity to be a Cloud Engineer in a top multinational company. I was overjoyed since I was able to support my family and survive peacefully with all basic necessities. I began working on cutting-edge technology on a project for one of UK’s most prestigious insurance companies.

Unfortunately, on the daily client calls I realised that I wasn’t good enough at communicating because my studies had been completely in my native language until my engineering degree. I worked hard to improve my communication skills and demonstrated that language did not matter if you are knowledgeable in the technology or your subject. The internal team at my company gave me the “Helping Hand” honour, and the client gave me the “Client Care Champ” award. I felt joyful because I felt I had accomplished something in my life.

After my marriage, I had to move to the UK, and had to give up my dream job, which I didn’t want to because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find work in the UK, and that this would be the end of my professional life. I moved to the UK, where I put in a lot of effort and many companies gave me a chance, and I chose my favourite new job at MYCOM OSI where I delivered my work on time with best efforts.

After two years, my husband’s employer suddenly decided not to extend his visa owing to Covid, which would force us to return to India. This was a difficult moment in my life because I had been extremely happy in my current position, both personally and professionally.

At this critical time, MYCOM OSI held my hand by supporting the visa, and I am forever thankful to them. I consider this to be one of my greatest triumphs in life, otherwise, I would not be writing this blog joyfully. Now I am in a position to fulfill my dreams.