Managed Services & Solutions Target Data Growth and Network Expansion

By Stephen Breheny, President Managed Services and Solutions, MYCOM: Our business is totally focused on enhancing the performance of carriers’ networks and provides end-to-end telecom solutions across three broad areas that include 1) NIMS-PrOptima Service and Network Performance Management software, 2) an Advanced Engineering Services division for building-out network infrastructure and my team which provides 3) Managed Services and Solutions around network design, performance management, switching services and advanced device testing.

We often include the product and engineering services in our Managed Services and Solutions. For example, at CTIA we introduced our Special Event Management Solution which is an end-to-end capability for managing special events like sporting events or major conventions. We provide network design and infrastructure implementation, automated performance optimization and near real-time reporting using NIMS-PrOptima to provide an end-to-end packaged solution.

We are focused on meeting the challenges of our customers which is dominated by three areas: rolling-out UMTS capacity, LTE, DAS, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet to respond to data traffic growth and demand for new broadband services such as Mobile Video. We are offering a differentiated Customer Experience to retain the customer base and grow the top line while increasing productivity in order to manage the increased complexity of their networks while coping with flattening revenues. Carriers have enormous challenges in coping with the accelerating adoption of smart phones, tablets, and mobile computing, in addition to machine to machine solutions which are growing rapidly in numbers and breadth of application (cars, homes, appliances etc.), all in an environment of finite spectrum, economic pressures, and fierce competition.

We see a tremendous opportunity in helping carriers answer the questions of how to ensure a quality end-to-end user experience amidst the hyper growth, dynamic environment, and increasing expectations, and do so while at the same time delivering on business/financial goals and objectives.

How do you efficiently manage the multiple technologies, networks, vendors, and domains required to deliver the optimal end-user experience? We have recently seen a huge increase in interest in small cells that are being adopted to enable targeted capacity solutions in the tens of thousands. Some carriers are planning to almost double the number of their network elements through small cell deployments. That is a huge challenge when they don’t have twice the people, time or money to do it. MYCOM assists with these challenges through products and services that are 100% dedicated to network design, engineering and performance management.

To address these challenges and effectively deliver a quality experience in the most efficient way, it is essential that carriers fully utilize all network assets including spectrum, backhaul bandwidth, and core network elements. They need to maximize the most of what they already have. After that, event correlation and prioritization (i.e. Triage) is essential to ensure that manpower is utilized efficiently. Finally, automation is critical to deploy, rather than a nice-to-have, as the current resource model simply cannot scale to meet the exponential growth.

We can help by delivering expertise gained from thousands of real-world engagements to support carriers’ network expansion and optimization across all radio, backhaul, core and service domains. We use our carrier-grade converged NIMS-PrOptima product to provide a unified, end-to-end view of performance across multiple domains, multiple technologies and multiple vendors, to help with capacity and network planning for targeted infrastructure roll-out, to reduce the time for event correlation and troubleshooting – and to identify trends that pro-actively avoid potential issues.

Critically, NIMS-PrOptima includes the capability to automate network operating procedures which frees up scarce resources as well as captures and re-uses the expertise and best practices of the best people and processes. Automation can also deliver fully automated closed-loop systems that collect data, perform analyses and change network parameters in near real-time based on advanced engineering expertise configured in the NIMS-PrOptima workflow engine. In short, our platform introduces powerful triaging, business process and workflow automation capabilities that can reduce network operations and management costs by 30 to 50%.

Finally, our Managed Services and Solutions team offers value added services based on NIMS-PrOptima to address the needs of the Network Operators in areas like Event Management, UMTS and LTE tuning and optimization, provisioning and Ethernet migration, and network augments/rehomes/rebalancing.

Ultimately, we believe that we have the right end-to-end network tools and domain expertise to help carriers’ meet their network performance challenges in the most cost-effective manner with the highest quality and fastest time-to-market.

This is an excerpt from an article “MYCOM: Managed Services and Solutions to Target Data Growth, Network Expansion and Costs ” which appeared in Telecom Review, click here to read the full story.