How engaging with the customer transformed me into a Solution Architect

Umar Farooq | Technical Lead Delivery | Assurance Solution Architect 

In the last 10 years at MYCOM OSI, of having worked on customer premises, I transformed from being a System Engineer in the delivery team to being a business analyst and solution architect. The daily customer engagement helped me to explore the customer’s pain points and reporting problems. Thus, a new journey began, by understanding the use cases, designing, and delivering the fully tailored and customized solutions or (in some cases) engaging with our Product Line for enhancement of product features, which eventually helped in evolving our products and offerings, over the time. All this was based on real life daily problems and customer feedback.

Some of the solutions that evolved as a result were:

  • Designed and delivered fully customised adaptors (first of their kind) and solutions in the Unified Performance Management system to monitor a leading Speed Test company to perform operator benchmarking, DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to monitor performance of social media APPs/signatures (for both Fixed and Mobile domains) and Application Performance Management to track the types and order fulfilment (B2B and B2C) performed via apps, kiosks, eChannels, and dealers.
  • Supported the requirements around Radio and Core automation workflows, by brainstorming with the customer’s technology experts.
  • Bespoke delivery of our implementation (designed onsite) by working closely with Solutions Engineering team, that helped the customer to audit the Managed Service Provider or vendors on breaches of agreed SLAs.
  • Swapping of MYCOM OSI partner dashboarding solution with MYCOM OSI’s own web reporter. It was achieved by vigorous continuous product enhancement to match not only the functionality but making it a more powerful dashboard and analytical suite. We delivered approximately 100 dashboards as part of this migration.

This process of closely working onsite with the customer has built the customer’s trust and confidence in our quality of professional services and offerings and helped MYCOM OSI to strengthen its business in a competitive environment.