A challenging yet rewarding journey

Abhishek Virmani | Technical Leader – Technology

I joined MYCOM OSI five and a half years ago as an individual contributor. The decision wasn’t easy considering I was working at a Fortune 500 company but I did not know that the most exciting years of my career were about to begin, making my decision worth it. I found out that MYCOM OSI was continuously growing and rewarding hard work. Within 3 years of joining the company, I too got promoted to be a Technical Team Lead.

With each year that passed, I witnessed new challenges, such as being a part of the team built from scratch, working with contractors, training team members, quickly adapting to fast paced cutting-edge technology, facing and resolving challenging customer issues, emotional goodbyes, but always stayed focused, positive and invested in company’s goals, so ended up playing a vital part, even if it was small.

Two years back, when Covid happened, the course of the world changed. For the IT industries, work from home became the new normal. To begin with, it was hard to cope and manage the stress and fear, without losing productivity or faith. But the key was to stay motivated and positive, and train my peers by holding unofficial short meetings, hearing them out, sharing experiences. This helped ease the pressure.

To add to my confidence came the support and trust from our managers.

I love the MYCOM OSI workplace not just because of the work but more because of the people, especially the leaders. They are open for discussions and lend a patient ear, just like close family members or friends.

I see MYCOM OSI as a place where opportunities and support to grow are endless. As an employee, the transitions and roles in the last 5 years gave me endless career possibilities and the exposure one gets when one’s energy is felt, realized, and channelized properly.

Finally, I would say that the way our company is maturing and expanding, what one starts with today may not be only what one would be doing in a couple of years from now. So, if someone was looking for a challenging yet rewarding career advancement, keeping at pace with the latest technology, then MYCOM OSI is the place. I have decided to stay planted here and watch my career excel.