As Communications Service Providers (CSP) actively optimize the costs of energy of their networks and Telco and IT clouds through energy-efficient technology, renewable energy sources, and tools for operational efficiency,  MYCOM OSI’s Telco and IT Cloud Energy Optimization Solution powered by the integration of Intel Platform Telemetry Insights provides CSPs with comprehensive visibility into energy consumption and insights into energy savings.

MYCOM OSI’s Telco and IT Cloud Energy Optimization Solution provides CSPs with comprehensive insights into energy consumption and energy savings on a 24*7 basis. The Telco and IT Cloud Energy Optimization Solution reports end to end near-real-time measurements, for Telco and IT cloud power consumption and identifies the servers that are consuming the most energy. By leveraging Intel power management technology for the Service Assurance system reports, potential energy savings can be achieved by CSPs.


  • Helps commercial teams make informed decisions about optimizing energy usage and reduce costs of the Telco/IT cloud.
  • Helps operations teams with real-time monitoring and drill-down into power consumption of network, technology, network function, and servers.
  • Correlates customer experience with power optimization enforcement, ensuring that power-saving measures do not compromise customer experience.
  • Baselining and trending of power consumption for network functions, network domains, and technologies, to identify deviations and set up real-time alerts for abnormal power consumption.
  • Carbon footprint benchmarking of multi-vendor, multi-technology network functions for energy consumption in the Telco/IT cloud.