MYCOM OSI helps CSPs deploy next generation 3G/4G/5G NOC/SOC by building on the core capabilities of fault management, performance management and service quality management through outcome-based solutions.

Driven by analytics and automation, the Operations Center solutions help you to enable proactive and preventative operations, solve complex incidents with guided diagnostics, increase productivity with automation and to deliver customer centricity

Our Operations Center solutions fuel your NOC/SOC to make it more responsive, customer-aware, efficient and future-proofed against new technologies.


  • Supports NOC-to-SOC transformation
  • Customer-centric operations
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Faster mean time to identify and repair incidents
  • Increased productivity via guided diagnostics and automated processes
  • Supports multiple domains, technologies and vendors
  • Future-proofed to support 5G, Open RAN and IoT networks