MYCOM OSI’s Automation Solutions provide Communications Service Providers (CSPs) automated process workflows driven by out-of-the-box algorithms and AIOps, so that mobile, broadband and enterprise services can be efficiently delivered, reducing operational complexity and time-to-market.

Some of our customers have benefitted by reducing MTTx at NOC and SOC (Operations Center) by up to 80% and automating 100% of their ticket creation process. This has resulted in service impacting tickets being intelligently automated, reducing ticket volumes.

Our Automation Solutions are designed and architected to support the Operations Center of complex disaggregated networks to simplify operations and minimize errors introduced through manual tasks. They help in improving network/service performance through predictive analytics and error-free reliable operations. Field engineer call outs are reduced through pre-emptive fault resolution and high accuracy root-cause identification.

The Operations Center can automate service onboarding for accurate service impact analysis, auto correlate IT, network and service performance KPIs and alarms, automate trouble ticketing and root cause analysis for remediation. In addition, SLAs for enterprise services can be automated for a higher efficiency service.


  • Reduces MTTI (Mean time to identify) and MTTR (Mean time to repair) up to 80%
  • Automates 100% of the ticket creation process
  • Reduces IT and field engineer callouts, lowering opex
  • Automates service impacting trouble tickets intelligently, reducing ticket volumes
  • Automated service onboarding reduces new system deployment to a few hours
  • A critical step towards building a Dark Operations Center