MYCOM OSI’s AIOps solutions are designed and architected for complex disaggregated 5G networks that require large data processing and intelligent assurance.

Our EAA applications integrated with AWS Telco Lake bring together specific expertise and capabilities to offer solutions for AI-based KPI anomaly detection for 5G RAN, predictive capacity and congestion forecasts and enable CSPs to create their own AIOps use cases.

The AIOps solutions avoid complex customization and configuration while leveraging advanced capabilities developed for over 25 years. The solution offers preconfigured use cases for specific scenarios, including KPIs, dashboards and automation workflows.


  • Reduces engineer callouts by pre-emptively resolving faults
  • Reduce congestion by identifying complex symptoms of future congestion
  • Improves accuracy of root cause identification
  • Reduces MTTx by automating root cause identification
  • Reduces tickets volume by predictively automating the management of issue resolution
  • Reduces customer-impacting issues by pre-emptively resolving root causes