MYCOM OSI’s 5G Standalone and Non-standalone Assurance solutions enable CSPs to maintain high performance of their 5G core, RAN, backhaul and network slices, covering the entire network with a single solution. Not just that, it supports rapid onboarding of multiple vendors and drives operational automation using AI/ML.

The 5G Assurance solution is purpose-built to address the complexities of your 5G network and its slices and to ensure that you can differentiate 5G services for your customers, using the minimum network and manpower resources.

A variety of solutions is offered from NR worst cell/cluster analysis, VoNR analysis, prediction of 5G NR traffic and capacity bottlenecks, NFVi problem management to proactive fault management and service quality and impact analysis.


  • Reduces engineer callouts by pre-emptively resolving faults
  • Reduce congestion by identifying complex symptoms of future congestion
  • Improves accuracy of root-cause identification
  • Reduces MTTx by automating root-cause identification
  • Reduces tickets volume by predictively automating the management of issue resolution
  • Reduces customer-impacting issues by pre-emptively resolving root-causes