Fault Management and Service Impact Use Case: De-risking LTE deployment

Learn about the NetExpert™ Use Cases: De-risking LTE deployment 

From minimizing the number of fault-related alarms to assessing the service impact of network changes, from managing LTE faults to unified network fault management, from detecting and preventing site intrusions to ensuring the national security fixed-line service and many more use cases, the MYCOM OSI NetExpert™ based solutions help CSPs maintain service and network performance, and maximize return on network investment.

NetExpert™ is a market-leading, next-generation Service Assurance platform that enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to address customer experience challenges related with Fault and Service Impact Management. A versatile, multi-vendor and multi-technology carrier-grade foundation used by Service or Network Operations Centers (SOC/NOC) of major CSPs worldwide, NetExpert™ focuses on – often business critical – fault and other service or end-user related data to deliver optimal service quality and customer experience management.