Operational Imperatives of 5G Monetization

As a thought leader in 5G service assurance,MYCOM OSI recently sponsored the TM Forum report and webinar ‘5G monetization: operational imperatives’.

The report highlights how dependent 5G success is on the development of better, automated and integrated management and operational capabilities, and provides new market research to identify the key operational changes necessary for communications service providers (CSPs) to move beyond traditional business models and address new vertical market sectors with differentiated services.

The report identifies that providing differentiated Quality of Service is a key enabler to 5G monetization, and MYCOM OSI is referenced in the report as part of its participation in several innovative proof of concepts (TM Forum Catalysts) based on the Tour de France cycle race in which MYCOM OSI demonstrates automated, closed loop assurance of 5G network slices.

MYCOM OSI has participated in several TM Forum Catalysts on 5G. You can find more details and watch demonstrations via these links:

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