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How to transform CSPs into digital businesses: OSS first steps

The combination of changing customer behavior and ferocious competition is compelling CSPs to become digital businesses, but the transition is challenging. Digital networks of the future will be more virtualized and cloud-based and able to deliver faster, dynamic, on-demand services, such as IoT.

Much of the infrastructure for digital is being rolled out with the expectation of being agile, flexible, reliable and self-healing, and leading to reduced time-to-market. However, orchestrating dynamic new services amidst a complex hybrid network is typically far more challenging than first anticipated. CSPs need robust, automated and predictive OSS systems to deal with the digital environment in real time, and to maintain customer QoS/QoE.

And because the infrastructure that runs a digital business can directly impact customer experience, assuring it 24/7 involves collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including:

  • Network operations that need scalable and flexible OSS systems with open APIs to manage network and service quality of hybrid networks
  • Network planners and service designers, who need to respond to predictive insights and analytics in real-time
  • IT operations that need cost effective OSS systems that ensure network reliability and performance

Join Clare McCarthy, Practice Leader for Telecom Operations and IT at Ovum, and Sandeep Raina, Product Marketing Director at MYCOM OSI for an insight into the first steps of developing OSS for Future Digital Networks and the use cases that drive end-to-end management:

  • How should the CSP operate and manage the virtual network functions and its agile services?
  • How can the IT and Operations teams ensure QoS-driven orchestration in a hybrid network environment?
  • What is the best course of action for CSPs to consolidate and evolve the capabilities of their legacy OSS in a digital environment?
  • How can CSPs gain faster insights of network and service performance to manage churn?
  • What are the business benefits of proactive digital service assurance and predictive customer analytics?

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Clare McCarthy – Ovum

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Sandeep Raina – MYCOM OSI

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