Download | TM Forum report on 'Time to kill the RFP? Reinventing IT procurement for the 2020s'

With rapidly changing times, CSPs can no longer stick to outdated procurement processes: time for faster and smoother procurement with the agile model

The report proposes a new agile procurement model focused on value-based outcomes that enables faster innovation and contributes to strategic business benefits. As advocate and promoter of this new approach, MYCOM OSI believes that a fit-for-purpose agile procurement and ongoing working model should be built on four fundamental elements:

  • Outcome-based solutions should be defined by use cases based on years of real-world telecom experience, not the underlying list of features and functions of the products
  • Deliver technology as SaaS under a predictable subscription model that includes all current and future capabilities. This guarantees to CSPs continuous access to the latest capabilities available in the market, with no further procurement barriers
  • Embrace collaboration to validate and incubate innovative thinking and unlock agile DevOps throughout the project lifecycle. Collaborative workshops validate outcome-based solutions and include innovative ideas that advance the CSP’s original thinking of what they thought was possible
  • Build a customer success relationship that is based on value. Agile working requires continual engagement of CSPs and vendors working towards shared business and technical goals