Download eBook: How to Assure Network and Service Quality in the 5G Era

39 use cases from the world’s largest and most advanced CSPs

As the industry enters the 5G era, today it also faces an unexpected and unprecedented growth in demand for connectivity globally. The challenge of maintaining carrier-grade experiences for diverse service categories – such as on-demand video, conferencing and remote working applications – has never been greater.

For over 20 years, MYCOM OSI has been helping the world’s largest and most advanced CSPs do just that. Find out how MYCOM OSI, leading global provider of assurance, automation and analytics, enables CSPs to achieve a step-change improvement in network operations efficiency and effectiveness, through closed-loop automation, cross-domain performance optimization, real-time discovery and alerts, and powerful, end-to-end visualization. Download the use case eBook to learn more.

Key areas explored:

  • 5G network and service assurance, including advanced 5G services
  • Real-time closed-loop automation through integration with orchestrators
  • The use of advanced analytics such as AI/ML for predictive maintenance

The use of expertise and agile co-creation to target specific pain points