Service Experience Challenges

  • Preventing service issues from occurring, for high service quality and experience
  • Correlating the performance of services with network behaviour, to know root cause of problems
  • Optimizing network expansion and densification in line with service demand

Our Solution

  • Combine network intelligence and automation for improved service quality
  • Proactively orchestrate your network to prevent service quality issues
  • Track and visualize experience data for business insights

Service Quality Management

Anticipating service problems helps service providers to protect their SLAs. More so in 5G, Private Mobile, Enterprise and IoT networks. EAA-Service Quality Management drives your NOC/SOC priorities to focus on service-impacting problems and automates root cause analysis

Integrating with SLA Management systems, EAA-Service Quality Management captures SLA clauses and calculates SLA breaches, round the clock. By proactively identifying problems with individual enterprise services and SLAs, and by analyzing service and customer impacts, you can channel your SoC activities for proactive remediation.

By segmenting service problems by location, groups of users and devices you can sharpen your focus on resolving the most critical service problems.

Architected using web architecture with Open REST APIs, Kafka and elastic storage, EAA-Service Quality Management scales as your network and services grow.

Service Problems

  • Connectivity guarantee for corporates and enterprises
  • Launching and monetizing new services quickly
  • Proactive service management with customer messaging

Our Solution

  • Real time identification of degradations on Service Level Agreement
  • Service quality analysis to prevent capacity bottlenecks
  • Proactive drill-down to reduce service MTTR

Key Features

  • Cloud Native Service Management at scale: Covers multiple network domains, from physical to virtual to cloud, and scales to deal with billions of events per minute.
  • Real-Time Service Impact Analysis: Real-time notification of impact on service quality and customer experience, combined with automation of workflows for auto-ticketing and instant remediation.



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Service Experience Analytics

By correlating customer behaviour to network utilization and through location-based insights, EAA- Service Experience Analytics enable service upsells, contextual services and personalized marketing. Service providers can make smarter investments by identifying revenue generating locations, capabilities of devices and consumption of video services.

Service Experience Analytics helps in predicting the experience, needs and behaviour of your customers, services and devices. By identifying locations with high footprint in real-time, you can design new digital services and monetize your services faster.

Through predictive insights into the most used devices, you can scrutinize those with the most resource impact, analyze tariff plans and device bundling, and plan effective rollout of new devices.

By understanding the impact of devices and the usage network/service/devices of customers, EAA-Service Experience Analytics can help trigger new technology and service decisions. This includes 5G, enterprise and IoT service trends and predictions.

Insights Challenges

  • Correlating service performance with network behaviour
  • Creating and monetizing new services
  • Investing in services based on accurate predictions

Our Solution

  • AI/ML based forecasts for service performance
  • Prediction of service and customer behaviour and experience
  • Tracking and visualizing experience data for business insights

Key Features

  • Service Experience Planning: Insights into network, service and device usage by customers to plan new technology and services for the best customer experience.
  • New Service Launches: Reliable service data insights for better business decisions. In anticipation of customer demand, new services can be designed and rolled out proactively.


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Enterprise Portal

With EAA-Enterprise Portal, enterprises can monitor, analyze and automate their own networks and enable faster identifications of degradations in performance and monitor the performance of their SLAs with the service provider.

EAA-Enterprise Portal supports the identification and resolution of root causes, saving the enterprise the time and effort to raise trouble tickets with its service provider.

Through a bottom-up and top-down impact analysis for service quality degradations, the enterprise can self-serve and attain its own service quality targets.

As a service provider, you can expose some of your network and service performance capability to the enterprise and reduce your operational overheads. Such decentralization of performance operations enables you to rapidly expand your services into newer service areas.

Enterprise Challenges

  • Ensuring high performance for enterprise connectivity
  • Guaranteeing and monitoring enterprise SLAs
  • Managing new Industry 4.0 connectivity

Our Solution

  • Monetization of enterprise services through visibility of service performance
  • SLA Transparency through enterprise portal
  • Reduction in trouble ticketing

Key Features

  • SLA KPI Visibility: Monitoring of SLA KPIs for each service type to identify how well each service is performing.
  • Self-service RCA: Resolution of certain service problems through root cause analysis, sifting service provider problems from enterprise network problems.