Network Challenges

  • Predicting and resolving network problems before they impact customers
  • Reducing operational costs through automation and AI
  • Removing silos across network domains to reduce costs

Network Assurance Solution

  • An integrated Performance and Fault management system
  • An open and 5G-ready platform that unlocks network potential
  • Predictive expansion and preventive maintenance

Network Assurance

By combining performance and fault management into one system, the EAA-Network Assurance offers a one-stop system to address all the challenges of a complex, disaggregated, and distributed 5G network. From real-time dashboards and reporting to real-time root cause analysis, EAA-Network Assurance builds a solid foundation for high performance and reliability of your network.

By working across multi-vendors in Open RAN, C-RAN, 5G Core and edge devices, the system is capable of rapid resolution through intelligent correlation across multi-vendor data and integrated trouble ticketing. It manages the end-to-end performance of large, complex and virtualized networks.

EAA-Network Assurance offers real-time reporting and analysis of your network performance with cross-domain correlations. Its proven petabyte scalability is well suited for the scale and speed of 5G networks.

EAA-Network Assurance is known for being highly reliable under the worst traffic and environmental fault conditions. Using alert reduction automation, service providers have reduced raw alerts by as much as 99%. And it scales well: A 125 million subscriber LTE network, 15 million objects monitored for a Tier-1 operator, and has worked through natural disasters when alerts increased to 4 times without failing over.

Network Challenges

  • Growing need for high performance and reliability in 5G
  • Increasing traffic and network complexity
  • Proactive and predictive operations for efficiency

Our Solution

  • Reduced operational costs from integrated PM and FM
  • 5G Assurance solutions with built-in fault management
  • Prevent customer impact by predicting performance and faults

Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional Performance management: Single pane of glass for all technologies and networks (Mobile, IP and virtualized) in a single solution, on-prem and in public cloud. With in-built AI/ML for capacity forecasts and trends.
  • Predictive Fault management: Actionable alert reduction through auto ticketing and other reduction techniques. Predictive alerts find potential issues with equipment before it fails.



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