MYCOM OSI wins Frost & Sullivan Global Leadership Award for Cloud-based Service Assurance

MYCOM OSI ranked highest in its market. Its Assurance Cloud™ commended for being the telecom industry’s first completely integrated, cloud-native Service Assurance solution with significant CSP customer traction

LONDON, UK – 4th December 2019 – MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced that it has won Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award 2019 for Global Cloud-based Service Assurance Product Line Strategy Leadership.

Based on a recent analysis of the Service Assurance market, Frost & Sullivan ranked MYCOM OSI ahead of its competitors and the leader in its Decision Support Matrix, which scores competitors against product line strength and customer impact categories containing each 5 scoring criteria. Full details of Frost & Sullivan’s assessment of MYCOM OSI, as well as the top two competitor scores, is available in a 13 page report[1], accessible here.

“MYCOM OSI’s Experience Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) platform is a uniquely cross-domain, cloud-native solution that can be used by CSPs whose network infrastructure is on-premise, on the cloud, or hybrid. The EAA solution integrates cloud Service Assurance with automation and data analytics, thus providing comprehensive Service Assurance domain coverage and support for closed loop automation,” said Rohan Jay Thomas, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The Assurance Cloud™ elevates the offering further by providing the business agility, TCO and TTM advantages of the public cloud. Combining these with automation and analytics capabilities, MYCOM OSI’s EAA platform is today the industry’s first completely integrated, cloud-based Service Assurance solution.”

In its Product Line Strategy Leadership report on MYCOM OSI, Frost & Sullivan highlight a number of innovations:

  • Recent developments in the integration of AI/Machine Learning technologies into
    MYCOM OSI’s EAA suite of applications, supporting increased levels of automation for CSPs
  • MYCOM OSI’s adoption of open source technology and open standards in its cloud-native, containerized platform and applications
  • MYCOM OSI’s use of modern software development methodologies and tools including DevOps and Continuous Integration and Development (CI/CD)
  • The disruptive software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model of MYCOM OSI’s Assurance Cloud ™, which unlocks new opportunities to realize business agility in the procurement and operation of telecommunications OSS capabilities
  • MYCOM OSI’s approach to leveraging the public cloud, including its global reach and growing portfolio of platform products, delivering native high availability, elastic scalability and real-time network visibility to CSPs
  • Recent successes such as Globe Telecom, the largest CSP in the Philippines with 83 million customers, which is among several CSPs using the Assurance Cloud™ to realize aggressive automation targets

‘’Cloud-based service assurance provides agility, lower total cost of ownership and accelerated time to market for digital services and network technology roll-outs such as 5G, NFV and SDN,” said Ian Meakin, Global Head of Marketing at MYCOM OSI, “It provides a step change in value for CSPs such as Globe Telecom who, along with AWS, presented their successful Assurance Cloud™ deployment alongside us at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Asia conference last month. We are delighted to win this Frost & Sullivan Service Assurance strategy leadership award which is a testament to hard work and collaborative approach of our team in driving innovation across the ecosystem.”

The Assurance Cloud™, available from the public cloud with an innovative subscription business model, disrupts the traditional on-premise Service Assurance market and provides significant benefits in agility, time-to-market and cost of ownership. It combines elastic, on-demand scaling of compute resources with zero infrastructure procurement and management and can be deployed, ready to ingest data, in under one hour rather than the months it can take to deploy traditional systems. Its subscription model accommodates CSPs’ future technology requirements, including physical/virtual/cloud network functions and 5G equipment, services and slices within the subscription.

[1] Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award: Global Cloud-based Service Assurance – Product Line Strategy Leadership 2019 – MYCOM OSI