MYCOM OSI supports TM Forum Open Digital Architecture principles with CSP deployments

New open architecture for OSS/BSS to drive CSPs’ digital transformation

LONDON, UK – 6th February 2018 – MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest communications service providers (CSPs), today announced its full support for the TM Forum’s new Open Digital Architecture (ODA) program, also announced today.

MYCOM OSI has played an active role in the development of the ODA principles and is at the forefront of incorporating them into its assurance, automation and analytics solutions for end-to-end hybrid (physical and virtual) telco cloud networks. MYCOM OSI’s cloud-native solutions, incorporating ODA-aligned componentization with microservices and containers, closed-loop automation and Open APIs, are already deployed with leading CSPs in Europe and Asia, with an advanced AI/Machine Learning proof of concept project underway with a tier one US carrier. 

With the pressure on Communication Service Providers to digitally transform in order to compete, survive and prosper against web-scale OTT competitors, the ODA will replace traditional OSS/BSS silos to enable operators to respond with increased flexibility and automation. CSPs are increasingly looking to cloud native network architectures to drive their digital transformation, with open APIs, containerization and microservices playing a central role in the new telco operations and IT management.

“The challenge facing CSPs is a stark one – they must transform into smart digital service providers or risk being left on the sidelines,” said Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI. “Implementing a telco cloud is a fundamental enabler but CSPs must deliver dynamic, automated and efficient end-to-end assurance capabilities to be able to deliver on the promised consumer and enterprise digital service opportunities as they go through this transformation. The TM Forum has played a pivotal role in bringing together CSPs and their technology partners to develop a set of principles which, if as an industry we can adhere to, have the potential to have a truly transformational impact on the telco landscape. At MYCOM OSI we don’t just believe in the ODA initiative; we are already developing and delivering solutions to CSP customers which comply with the ODA principles. ODA is re-imagining OSS/BSS for the new digital service provider and should be the basis for how we move forwards as an industry.”

The key principles of the Open Digital Architecture are outlined in a new whitepaper from the TM Forum. The overall architectural approach and design principles include componentization and containerization, open API-based architecture and intent-based management through closed-loop automation, AI and machine learning. These principles are at the foundation of MYCOM OSI’s next generation assurance, automation and analytics solutions for Telco Cloud, which are deployed with tier one operators.

MYCOM OSI is playing an active role in TM Forum initiatives, including its Open API Manifesto, standards work, and participating in the TM Forum Catalyst proof of concept program with its 5G network slice assurance capabilities.