MYCOM OSI provides predictive orchestration and AI/ML based intelligence to Assure On-Demand 5G Network Slices in TM Forum Catalyst Digital Showcase

MYCOM OSI will be part of the demonstration team at the TM Forum Catalyst digital Showcase. Watch the demonstration and get involved in the discussion.

LONDON, UK – 13th July, 2020 – MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today its participation in ‘The Aviator: Using 5G Slicing innovate across industries’ Proof of Concept (PoC) at the TM Forum Catalyst Digital Showcase on July 14th at 14:30 GMT.

The Catalyst is championed by AT&T and BT, with participants Cango Networks, i2i Systems, MYCOM OSI, Oracle Communications and Wipro. At the technical level, it demonstrates how complex, multi-partner 5G services can be designed and mapped to slice types that can be ordered in a few clicks via a marketplace to which all the relevant parties belong.

5G requires significant investment in network equipment. To generate a positive return on this investment, CSPs must create new revenue streams by monetizing new categories of service and solutions, tailored to different and diverse verticals. This catalyst demonstrates how this can be done with one such example, the aviation industry.

In the Catalyst, MYCOM OSI will demonstrate the central role that predictive, AI/ML driven service assurance plays in realizing commercially viable, profitable domain-specific service monetization, which involves assuring the guaranteed performance of multiple 5G network slices simultaneously and in real time, while optimizing the allocation of scarce resources to enable profitable service delivery at scale, supporting traveller connectivity services, aircraft and airport sensor communications and dynamic in-airport programmatic advertising.

The Catalyst represents a significant step forward by building on the foundations of the previous Catalyst: ‘5G Optimized Capacity & E2E Experience’, involving the same participants, in which MYCOM OSI demonstrated real-time monitoring of multiple concurrent 5G network slice KPIs, and the integration with orchestrators to manage the allocation of resources across those network slices to maintain QoS and SLA guarantees while minimising overall resource over-allocation. This year, in the Aviator Catalyst, MYCOM OSI supports Intent-Driven Orchestration with customer service orchestrators, not only network resource orchestrators, to comprehensively optimize business KPIs, with AI/ML-driven predictive assurance enabling the following capabilities:

  • Delivering ‘Intelligent Orchestration Recommendations’ to both network slice and service orchestration tools (in this case, ETSI-OSM), via the open API: TMF664
  • Delivering ‘Intelligent Business Recommendations’ to Customer Facing Service Orchestration tools, via the open API: TMF641
  • Simultaneously assuring network slice SLAs across the three core 5G-enabled slice types: extreme MBB (eMBB), ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (uRLLC), and massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC)
  • Automating both ‘tactical’ and ‘strategic’ closed-loop orchestration scenarios based on business ‘intent’ (for example, minimising overall flight delays during the busiest period of day at Heathrow Airport, which can involve one aircraft landing every 20 seconds in the most extreme cases.

The Aviator Catalyst digital showcase will launch live on July 14th with a series of further demonstration sessions taking place over the 6-week TM-Forum Catalyst Digital Showcase. It will then evolve further and feature in the extended ‘Digital Transformation World Series’, the virtual ‘festival of collaboration’ hosted by TM Forum taking place over an extended 6-week period commencing on the week of the 5th of October 2020.

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