MYCOM OSI Launches the Assurance Cloud Service™

MYCOM OSI’s enhanced, fully managed SaaS offering leverages public cloud for hybrid architecture and AI/ML augmented predictive service assurance.  

LONDON, UK – 15th September – MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced the launch of the Assurance Cloud Service™(ACS), delivering the Experience Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) suite of applications from the cloud with enhanced capabilities for mission-critical service assurance in the 5G era.

An upgrade to the Assurance Cloud™, launched during Mobile World Congress in February 2019, the Assurance Cloud Service™ provides specific features that are not available in on-premises and private cloud deployments, by leveraging deeper integrations with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). MYCOM OSI’s full control over deployed environments provides new support for hybrid, distributed deployments as necessitated by latency-critical advanced service categories use cases.

Upgrading to the Assurance Cloud Service™ (ACS) is seamless for existing Assurance Cloud™ customers. Specific capability enhancements in the Assurance Cloud Service™ (ACS) are as follows: 

    •  Support for hybrid, distributed cloud deployments, with ‘hybrid edge-collection’: time-critical data collection close to the network, while assurance use cases are operated from the cloud. This improves data collection latency and provides support for local data streaming and telemetry data collection. With examples such as Globe Telecom in the Philippines implementing its’ Assurance Cloud Service™ from an Availability Zone in the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region, this allows for MYCOM OSI’s SaaS capability to support the assurance of networks from thousands of miles away.
    •  Immutable architecture for improved SLA performance. The Assurance Cloud Service™ now uses Red Hat CoreOS, which supports an immutable containerized architecture, bringing greater resilience and response to outages and in turn, the potential to deliver 99.99% availability of the Assurance Cloud Service™ to our customers.
    • Support for AI/ML augmented predictive service assurance with enhanced cloud-based AI/ML workload management: The Assurance Cloud Service™ now uses AI/ML tools native to the cloud, including Amazon SageMaker and AWS Deep Learning Containers (AWS DL Containers) which, in combination with the elastic scalability of compute resources, deliver faster design & implementation, and improved accuracy for AI/ML-driven closed loop orchestration uses cases, particularly when compared to on-premise deployments.

Combining these capabilities, the Assurance Cloud Service™ supports advanced service assurance use cases augmented by AI/ML, including predictive fault and performance anomaly detection; continuous root-cause analysis for proactive detection issues; and the implementation of more advanced Autoflow™ automation to reduce manual time and effort in service assurance.

MYCOM OSI’s Assurance Cloud Service™ provides a cloud native platform leveraging AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), AWS CloudFormation, AWS Systems Manager, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS CloudTrail aligned to well architected principles. The solution also enables MYCOM OSI to deliver closed loop service assurance automation through Amazon SageMaker.

‘‘To realize the zero-touch vision for 5G networks, our customers are looking to deploy virtualized service and network operations centers with end to end service assurance solutions on AWS, ’’ said Robin Harwani, Head of Global Telecom Partner Technology, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Using the MYCOM OSI Assurance Cloud Service, customers can shorten the time to realize cloud native service assurance and benefit from ML-powered predictive network management use cases, now with Amazon SageMaker integration.”

As a reflection of the increasing importance of Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence, MYCOM OSI’s customers are today expanding the user communities that benefit from the Assurance Cloud Service™ to support data-driven, precise planning, network aware customer support, and data-driven, targeted sales planning based on the performance and availability of network resources across geographic and business segments in their territories.

“Since we launched one of the world’s first carrier-grade service assurance SaaS services last year, adoption among our customers has increased at an accelerated pace. CSPs can see the business case for themselves. But the benefits go far beyond TCO alone,” said Dirk Michel, MYCOM OSI SVP Cloud Business Operations. “Our Assurance Cloud Service™ is bringing predictive service assurance to our customers, giving them a real business advantage in agility and unlocking advanced, QoS and SLA-critical monetization opportunities as we move into the 5G era.”

Tier 1 CSPs such as Globe Telecom, which has been shortlisted alongside MYCOM OSI in TM Forum’s ‘Digital Transformation Awards’, and Three UK are among those already benefiting from the Assurance Cloud Service™.

The Assurance Cloud Service™ provides a comprehensive set of service assurance capabilities (fault, performance, service quality management, orchestration and advanced analytics) that are packaged into pre-integrated ‘Digital Transformation Solutions’, enabling network and service operations centers (NOC/SOCs), planners and business users to rapidly integrate advanced service assurance capabilities into their operations, managing hybrid physical and virtualized – and cross-domain converged communications and IT networks from a single system. Assurance Cloud Service™ customers completely avoid system infrastructure procurement, set-up and maintenance costs and can deploy new solutions and use cases on-demand. The Assurance Cloud Service™ scales automatically to absorb unpredictable peaks in data arrival rates due to events such as connectivity interruptions; natural disasters; special events or unexpected increases in network usage.

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