MYCOM OSI Launches New AI/ML Solution for Predictive Service Assurance

New capability improves prediction of network and service faults, root causes,
performance and quality

LONDON, UK – 6th February 2020 – MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced the launch of a new service assurance AI/ML capability that enables CSPs’ network and service operations centers (NOC/SOC) to implement AI/ML-driven predictive operations and maintenance, improving network and service performance and quality whilst reducing operational costs.

As the industry faces increasingly complex network operations in the 5G era alongside the growing importance of customer-centric operations with higher levels of Quality of Service (QoS) and enterprise SLAs, the need to deliver open and closed loop automation is becoming greater, with AI/ML an essential element in providing rapid analysis of large datasets to identify complex patterns and make accurate predictions.

MYCOM OSI’s new AI/ML capability augments its Experience, Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) suite of applications and leverages the public cloud, big data processing technology and advanced ML modelling systems for on-demand and elastic high performance processing. It enables CSPs to apply more sophisticated analytical models and algorithms to much larger and more diverse data sources, increasing the speed and accuracy of analytics-driven use cases. Designed to support specific NOC/SOC scenarios, it incorporates techniques such as customized model and algorithm selection to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of specific service assurance use cases, including:

  • Knowledge-base discovery use cases – Automated discovery of network topology correlations within and between network domains without requiring topology information
  • Dynamic threshold automation use cases – Automated, adaptive definition of threshold models and profiles for anomaly detection policies
  • Event prediction use cases – Prediction of faults, alarms, performance degradations and other events, supporting predictive orchestration scenarios
  • Network performance and service quality prediction use cases – Forecast of network performance and service quality across the entire network, as measured by QoS KPIs and KQIs, and supporting resource orchestration optimization
  • Root cause prediction use cases – Prediction of cross-domain root causes for fault and performance conditions, to support pre-emptive root cause resolution scenarios

MYCOM OSI’s AI/ML capability includes data science expertise to support a collaborative approach to planning, configuration and implementation, ensuring that each CSP’s unique business and operational context is incorporated to maximize accuracy, effectiveness and business benefits.

AI/ML-driven service assurance use cases support proactive and preventative digital NOC/SOC operations, helping CSPs to progress towards open and closed loop orchestration and zero-touch automation, enhancing CSPs’ network maintenance, fault and performance management, as well as data-driven planning capabilities. This in combination can support the journey to the Autonomic Network, where closed loop automation driven by AI/ML and assurance data enable autonomous network, service and experience management. 

“Bringing AI/ML to telco assurance takes us one step closer to the Autonomic Network, freeing up our customers’ staff to focus on value creation, avoiding repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks,” said Paul Ghanime, MYCOM OSI’s VP of Product Line Management and Head of AI Program. “But it actually goes a lot further than only automation. It allows CSPs to take full advantage of the programmability of networks powered by new technologies like 5G, enabling use cases that would be impossible for humans to support, with major impacts across efficiency, performance, accuracy and ultimately service quality, unlocking the potential for new slice-enabled revenue streams.”

Results from MYCOM OSI’s work with Tier 1 CSPs using AI/ML frameworks and algorithms such as neural networks, reinforcement learning, deep learning and pattern mining, have shown a high degree of accuracy, with significant potential for Opex and Capex savings, network performance improvement and quality of experience (QoE) improvement.

MYCOM OSI is exhibiting at MWC Barcelona 2020, which takes place from 24th to 27th February in Barcelona, Spain. To pre-arrange a meeting with MYCOM OSI, please contact the marketing team at or click here. MYCOM OSI will be located in Hall 1, Stand 1A42.