MYCOM OSI Launches 5GSA Solutions Family™

Enables CSPs to monetize carrier-grade advanced connectivity service revenue streams

LONDON, UK – March 31st, 2021 – MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced the launch of its 5GSA Solutions Family™, enabling CSPs to quickly achieve positive Return on Investment (RoI) from the roll-out of 5G Standalone (5GSA) networks.

Tailored specifically to address the new assurance requirements of 5GSA deployments; the 5GSA Solutions Family™ is designed for advanced connectivity service monetization. It enables rapid activation of real-time assurance use cases covering the end-to-end network. It specifically addresses the new challenges faced by CSPs as they roll out 5GSA networks and services:

  • Addressing CSP challenges and network evolutionThe 5GSA Solutions Family™ aligns with the evolution of CSPs’ 5GSA networks as well as the evolution of 5G NSA in some cases, with dedicated offerings catering to different stages of network maturity: from intuitive dashboards needed to monitor a greenfield deployment to advanced VoNR (Voice over New Radio) and slice management RCA (Root Cause Analysis) solutions needed to troubleshoot a fully virtualized 5GSA network;
  • Diversity of data sourcesAll the 5GSA Solutions Family™ solutions provide intelligent correlation of different data sources including performance, fault, configuration and other aggregated data sources to provide a ‘single source of truth’ for a range of use cases supporting efficient network rollout and reducing the time-to-market for 5G connectivity services;
  • Data Center and Telco Cloud Assurance – Supporting the virtualization of network components across core, IT, transport and RAN domains;
  • Open RAN Assurance – Supporting the automated on-boarding and activation of assurance for components compliant with open interfaces within the Radio Access Network (RAN) domain;
  • Tactical and Strategic Multi-Slice Automation – Interfacing with different orchestration engines to optimize for the performance of individual and groups of network slices, across diverse network and business KPIs and SLAs.
  • AI/ML Augmentation – Pre-emptively orchestrating the network to prevent issues before they occur;

Built upon MYCOM OSI’s award-winning containerized EAA Cloud Platform™ (ECP); the 5GSA Solutions Family™ is future-proof. MYCOM OSI’s subscription service model provides access to future solution upgrades and additions, as the standards and specifications evolve alongside the requirements of the world’s leading CSPs. Subscribers can also quickly increase the scope of their EAA deployments beyond the assurance of 5GSA networks, joining the expanding group of CSPs that today use MYCOM OSI’s products and solutions to support their entire network and service operations.

Following on from the success of MYCOM OSI’s 5G Roll-out Accelerator Solution™ – which has already enabled some of the world’s leading Tier-1 CSPs to gain a competitive advantage by expanding their 5G coverage at a faster pace – The 5GSA Solutions Family™ has been designed following the same principles: focusing on the business opportunities and challenges of 5GSA operations first, and building solutions that maximize business outcomes. These include:

  • Monetizing advanced connectivity services by assuring carrier-grade performance across a broad set of business KPIs and SLAs;
  • Quickly establishing new revenue streams with an extensible portfolio and platform that enable agile co-innovation using containerized microservices;
  • Fostering greater vendor competition with support for the automated certification, on-boarding and assurance of any Open RAN compliant vendor equipment, alongside granular monitoring and comparison of vendor equipment for data-driven vendor selection;
  • Automating increasingly complex NOC/SOC tasks through the controlled introduction of precisely targeted predictive orchestration use cases.

“This is another world-first assurance offering from MYCOM OSI, where we pride ourselves in leading the market with the most advanced assurance capabilities available today, packaged into outcomes-driven solutions,” said Jithu Raghavendran, Vice President, Telco Digital Transformation Solutions at MYCOM OSI. “It will enable our customers – existing and new – to accelerate the monetization of advanced connectivity services and widen the gap between their market offerings and those of their competitors”.

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