MYCOM OSI CEO Andrew Coll announces MYCOM OSI’s FY23 achievements

LONDON, UK – May 23rd, 2023 – Andrew Coll, CEO, MYCOM OSI, a leader in Network Assurance and Service Experience Assurance for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), recently announced the achievements of the company for fiscal year 2023:

“As we end another successful financial year, I am excited to share that we have signed new global contracts and delivered successfully on complex projects whilst continuing to innovate. Furthermore, we have secured awards in AIOps and Automation that recognise our depth of knowledge and capabilities.

As per Andrew Coll the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona was a great forum. “We met customers, industry partners and analysts, and highlighted our resilience and leadership position in the Service Assurance ecosystem, presenting our latest innovations in 5G/Slicing Assurance, Hyperautomation and Telco Cloud energy profiling,” said Andrew.

On MYCOM OSI customer’s focus, this is what he had to say: “ I am very excited about the coming year. Our customers are going through a rapid period of business transformation, with huge opportunity as they offer new and expansive services over 5G networks. Our focus remains on enabling our customers to maximise their success.”

Ending his announcement with a note on the MYCOM OSI team, Andrew Coll said, “We have some amazing talent who will continue to focus on bringing innovative technology and expertise to support our customers in achieving their strategic ambitions.”

This news was also posted by Andrew Coll via LinkedIn on 17th May 2023: