MYCOM OSI announces Workforce Automation and Gen AI enhancements to its EAA portfolio

LONDON, UK – MYCOM OSI, a leader in Network Assurance and Service Experience Assurance for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), has announced new features and capabilities of its EAA Service Assurance applications and Solutions leveraging Workforce Automation and GenAI monitoring capabilities. Here are the highlights of these new solutions.

Automation Enhancements to Fixed Broadband (FTTx) Assurance Solution

Key automation enhancements have been made to MYCOM OSI’s Fixed Broadband (FTTx – Premise/Curb/Home) Assurance Solution for Home and Enterprise broadband service operations. This enhancement helps CSPs in maintaining high service performance and availability of the fiber network by proactively and automatically reporting on fiber cable failure/cuts, which is the single largest known cause of network outages worldwide. The automation enhancements offered are:

  • Enabling automated customer outreach to reduce customer complaints and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Significant improvements in NOC/SOC operational efficiencies through a new automated correlation between the fiber network and broadband services/applications using intelligent Root Cause Analysis (RCA) driven policy management.
  • Full automation of Trouble Ticketing to integrate a wider ticketing ecosystem of the CSPs.
  • Automation of remediation of network and service problems to fix FTTx related problems without any human intervention.

Read the Press Release here.

New Multi-domain, Multi-service Service Operation Workflow Automation

This new Closed Loop Solution for large CSPs (mobile and fixed domains) reduces MTTx and increases operational efficiency. The new Solution identifies cross-domain transmission alarms, correlates them and assesses their impact on access layer (Mobile and fixed devices).

EAA GenAie application beta released

EAA GenAie (a generative AI application) beta release is now available for data-driven decision-making for business executives and operations engineers. Built on top of the EAA platform, proven in some of the world’s largest and most complex Tier-1 CSP networks, GenAie is engineered to enhance business and operational decision-making by converting complex data into clear, actionable insights. GenAie supports strategic initiatives and long-term planning for CSPs by providing comprehensive analysis with a complete view and correlation of network data across multiple dimensions. Available as a cloud-based SaaS offering in collaboration with Amazon Bedrock and other GenAI frameworks also offers an on-premises solution, seamlessly integrating with multiple LLMs. Read the Press Release here.

EAA Cloud Service on AWS Marketplace

MYCOM OSI’s SaaS offering, EAA Assurance Cloud, is now available for private offer transactions in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By accessing Assurance Cloud in AWS Marketplace, CSPs can easily integrate MYCOM OSI’s Service Assurance capabilities into their AWS environments, taking a significant step towards achieving end-to-end digital transformation, streamlining and optimizing their procurement process. Here is the link to the AWS Marketplace.

EAA AInsights on AWS Marketplace

EAA AInsights application is now available in AWS Marketplace. AInsights application offers predictive AI-based insights, combined with a comprehensive Data Fabric that powers Big Data Lakes with normalized network and service data. With this, MYCOM OSI customers and partners will benefit from high scalability and low-error predictive data insights from the network and its services in near real-time. AInsights’ replicable data models can be applied to different network functions for a deeper 360-degree network view. Read the Press Release here.

Enhancements to EAA Cloud Service

The following control and data plane enhancements are now offered in EAA Cloud Service:

  • New control plane parameter controls for Amazon FSx, worker node consolidation, and Amazon RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service).
  • New EAA-FM (NetExpert) event streaming picking zone (Kafka) for EAA-FM customers.
  • New RDS engine version updates.

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