MYCOM OSI announces new Service Assurance Solutions for 5G Communications Service Providers, Enterprises, and Private Mobile Networks

LONDON, UK – July 4th, 2023 – MYCOM OSI, a leader in Network Assurance and Service Experience Assurance for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), has announced new features and capabilities of its EAA Service Assurance suite and Telco Transformation Solutions to support 5G Communications Service Providers, Enterprises, and Private Mobile Networks. Here are the highlights of these new capabilities.

Latest Assurance Solutions for 5G Slicing and Open RAN

New features offer 5G Standalone (Slicing) core and RAN visualizations through high-level dashboards, and key performance indicators for consumer and corporate slices performance, and any associated resource problems. CSPs can gain insights into how slices can be allocated to maintain QoS and SLA guarantees for their enterprise customers.

A new feature for Open RAN Assurance includes automated on-boarding and activation of assurance for components compliant with open interfaces within the Radio Access Network (RAN) domain. Worst cell/cluster analysis and domain monitoring solutions have been launched for multi-vendor 5G Open RAN.

Download the latest solution brief here.

Additions to Service Experience Assurance Solutions

New features for Service Experience Assurance (SEA) have been released for:

  • Monitoring 5G Non-standalone services resulting in faster Root Cause Analysis and reduced MTTx
  • Monitoring enterprise services offered over Metro WAN and IP-RAN
  • FTTx last mile customer issues and notifications, which includes closed loop service experience management for fibre cut alarms
  • Automation of workflow processes, including auto-trouble ticketing and auto-remediation of service impacting alarms, based on correlation of PM, FM, Topology and TT data
  • A new SLA management feature that introduces Auto-Root Cause analysis and auto-ticketing for SLA breaches and empowers enterprise customers to visualise near real-time SLA status

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New Private Mobile Network Assurance Solutions

MYCOM OSI has released new streamlined, purpose-built Private Mobile Network Assurance Solutions keeping the complexities of 4G/5G network and service assurance in mind, while ensuring that enterprise services are differentiated for their customers.

Download the solution brief here.

EAA Network Assurance Features

New Telemetry and High-frequency polling features have been introduced to the EAA suite for IP Network Performance Management.

Cisco and Nokia Streaming Telemetry support:

Integrated Cisco and Nokia Streaming Telemetry monitoring is now offered on top of SNMP polling, allowing real-time data to be accessed from Cisco and Nokia devices for more accurate and up-to-date monitoring of the CSP network infrastructure. Granular insights into the performance and health of network elements enable swift problem identification and resolution. By leveraging Streaming Telemetry in conjunction with SNMP polling, CSPs can now minimize the overhead associated with traditional polling techniques and improve overall network efficiency.

High-Frequency SNMP Polling for On-prem architecture troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting for on-prem architectures has been enhanced by the introduction of On-demand High-frequency SNMP Polling. With this feature, network performance data can be collected at a much higher rate for short periods of time, for a real-time view of on-prem architecture as well as SaaS architecture. This enables quicker identification of anomalies or bottlenecks. By polling the network frequently, CSPs can now capture more precise and detailed data points, enabling the IT teams to pinpoint the root cause of issues with greater accuracy.

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Telco Cloud Energy Optimization Solution

MYCOM OSI and Intel Corporation have initiated a partnership to provide an intelligent solution to boost Telco Cloud Energy efficiency. This promising solution can provide up to 40% energy saving in Telco Cloud data centers without compromising the network performance or service levels.

Read more about this here and see the video here.