MYCOM OSI announces new Service Assurance Applications and Solutions focused on AI and Automation

LONDON, UK –Oct 3rd, 2023 – MYCOM OSI, a leader in Network Assurance and Service Experience Assurance for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), has announced new features and capabilities of its EAA Service Assurance suite and Telco Transformation Solutions to support 5G service providers, and Fixed line/FTTx service providers. Here are the highlights of these new capabilities.

New EAA application AInsights launched

MYCOM OSI’s AInsights application offers predictive AI-based insights, combined with a comprehensive Data Fabric that powers Data Lakes with normalized network and service data. This critical enhancement to MYCOM OSI’s EAA suite enables CSPs to continuously predict the performance of their network and services, and to proactively identify and resolve problems before they impact their customers. This is specifically essential for the delivery and the assurance of high reliability and low latency 5G enterprise services.

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EAA Web Dashboarding application

MYCOM OSI’s EAA suite has introduced a new web dashboarding application to support mega events with network wide monitoring. Through this web app, a predefined set of Executive and Management Dashboards are built and displayed for network wide trends, performance metrics and drill down.

EAA Network Assurance features

FM security features

EAA-FM (NetExpert) has been augmented with new security features to communicate securely between public cloud deployments of NetExpert and the CSP network edge. This helps CSPs to send network alarm data securely to EAA and to securely remediate network problems, when network EMS protocols are not secure enough for public cloud transactions.

FM automation enhancements

EAA-FM (NetExpert) has been enhanced with FM automation capabilities offering more flexible control of when to execute auto correction, auto diagnosis and auto remediation. With this, CSPs can automate all their alarm remediation tasks with an objective to build a dark NOC. Read more about this in our Tier 1 case studies on Automated FM. Download here.

Multi-CSP SD-WAN monitoring as a new Enterprise Assurance Solution

MYCOM OSI has added new capabilities to its Enterprise Assurance Solutions to support multi-CSP SD-WAN service assurance, where a virtual CSP can offer SD-WAN overlay and underlay outsourced from multiple CSPs. MYCOM OSI’s solution correlates underlay (FTTx, 5G etc) and SD-WAN overlay performance in a single dashboard view for the virtual CSP.  This includes use of TMF APIs to support an end-to-end SD-WAN OSS /BSS ecosystem.

Expansion of Automation Solutions

MYCOM OSI has released new closed loop Hyperautomation Solutions which offer automated detection, correlation, ticketing and remediation/dispatch for many CSP network problems. Top network problems that can be hyperautomated are:

  • RAN performance degradation auto correlated with network alarms with auto-ticket/auto-dispatch as part of root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Automated identification of fiber related issues between ONU and OLT PORT
  • RCA for power or hardware problems on RAN node rectifiers
  • RCA for H.248 voice alarms followed by remediation
  • RCA for failed communication with network devices followed by auto-dispatch

Additions to NOC/SOC Assurance Solutions

NFVi domain monitors focused on 5G standalone networks is a new NOC solution that assesses NFVi service devices as network elements and identifies nodes with poor performance. It offers actions for rapid analysis and drill down for a holistic performance issue resolution.

New capability for 5G Standalone and Slicing Assurance Solutions

5G Standalone network registration failure is a new capability that identifies degradations in 5G standalone network registration and provides a detailed understanding of the impacted transaction, highlighting the network elements responsible for the degradation.

New EAA Cloud Service (SaaS) features

New features for the EAA Cloud Service have been released:

  • EAA Cloud Service performance enhancements on data importation and computation speed
  • A choice of augmented SaaS tenant options, including MultiZone and OneZone; the new OneZone tenant enables CSPs that need SLA options, e.g., pre-production and production workloads
  • Additional security features with improved private networking, hardened clusters and runtime security
  • New EAA Cloud Service packages with harmonised pre-configuration options

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