MYCOM OSI announced winner in the 2023 Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit Excellence Awards for Most Innovative Product/Service (Vendor)

LONDON, UK – Dec 12th, 2023 – MYCOM OSI, a leading independent provider of Network Assurance and Service Experience Assurance solutions to some of the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced that it has been selected as a Winner of the Most Innovative Product/Service (Vendor) – Middle East Excellence Award at the 2023 edition of Telecom Review Leader’s Summit.

Telecom Review Group, together with an independent panel of judges, continued its dedication and commitment to the ICT industry in ranking the best of the best in terms of corporate growth, technological deployment, ICT investment, corporate social responsibility (CSR), digital customer experience, green initiatives as well as individual capabilities and brand contributions.

MYCOM OSI was awarded for its innovation in creating a Service Experience Assurance (single pane of glass) dashboard for an entire network for all services and impacted customers by modelling a range of mobile, broadband and enterprise services. MYCOM OSI’s Service Experience Assurance Solution (Service quality management, service impact analysis, automation, and enterprise portal), automatically and intelligently identifies the experience of its 4G/5G customers for premium and business-critical services. MYCOM OSI monitors the quality of premium 4G/5G services, in an automated manner, using intelligent traffic profiling and predictive algorithms, enabling a zero-touch NOC/SOC.

Jeff Seal, Chief of the Awards Committee, Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief, Telecom Review North America, said, “In 2023, the Telecom Review Excellence Awards set a new benchmark, attracting significant industry interest with a record-breaking global nomination. These awards remain the industry standard for peer recognition, thanks to the thorough deliberation by our esteemed panel of global experts. Congratulations to all winners, and we look forward to another celebration of excellence next year!”

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