Environmental Policy

At MYCOM OSI we recognize our responsibilities as an international business and we aim to set, encourage, and sustain high standards of corporate responsibility in everything we do across our operations and in each country we do business.

This includes promoting and ensuring good labour standards and environmental practice in our supply chains. We believe that this not only makes business sense, but it also has the potential to improve the living and working standards of people around the world and contributes to sustainable development.

Our Environmental Policy

Our policy follows the principles set out in ISO 14001, or more stringent requirements as dictated by local regulations, namely:

  • An environmental policy supported by top management
  • Environmental goals, objectives, and targets that support the policy
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • An environmental management process
  • A process for communicating the environmental management process to all interested parties via the website or for enquirers
  • A process for auditing progress and taking corrective action

Environmental Impact

As a software vendor and manufacturer, the majority of our products and manufacturing processes do not include physical items or processes. As a result, MYCOM OSI has a low global environmental footprint.

When the products we sell include physical items, such as servers, we only purchase from reputable manufacturers such as HP who employ industry standard environmental policies and are fully compliant with applicable domestic and international requirements such as WEEE and RoHS.


To supplement our inherently low environmental impact, MYCOM OSI globally implements a number of environmentally sensitive policies in our offices including recycling of waste paper, separation of recyclable waste, use of recycled materials and paper.

Carbon Footprint

We have introduced processes to regularly review our carbon footprint in each location worldwide, working with local landlords. The buildings we occupy are operated by landlords in compliance with ISO 9001, 14001, and national standards. Most have automatic light and cooling deactivation and/or modern energy efficient consumables as part of energy saving initiatives.

We have increased use of Skype, integrated video calling to VOIP, and use of video for company meetings between offices. This is leading to significant reductions in travel and emissions.

Power Consumption

We have virtualised server infrastructure in our global offices and are continuing to do so as part of an ongoing global programme targeting significantly increased efficiency.

In our UK office we have replaced 65 servers with 3 virtual machines. Effectively replacing 90% of our infrastructure with highly power efficient modern units and reducing cooling requirements in the process. In our California and India offices we plan to produce a similar outcome.

Our Social Responsibility Policy

We strive to provide a safe, collaborative workplace free from bullying, inappropriate, and unlawful practices. We have strict policies regarding conduct.

Our health and safety profile is low risk as an essentially office orientated business with no physical manufacturing. We have a clear employee handbook and DSE self-assessment process. This is being supplemented in the UK and USA initially with workspace audit availability from trained members of the team.

We employ local staff in our global offices in full compliance with all local rules, regulations, and standards.

We review staff training needs through our appraisal process in order to ensure our people are up to date and can continue their professional learning.

We run healthy initiatives related to food and physical activities. Our healthy food initiative includes fresh fruit being available in some offices and also more fun with periodic Foody Fridays in some offices with homemade food being brought in by employees and sharing of recipes. Our physical activities include a twice weekly Pickleball game in our California office.

We actively source products for our offices locally and from local suppliers.