MYCOM OSI CEO discusses how Innovation is part of our DNA

In an exclusive interview with MYCOM OSI CEO Andrew Coll, he sheds light on their focus of providing automation solutions and other innovative products.

How has MYCOM OSI helped businesses and organizations transform their networks and assure their future?

MYCOM OSI has been a leading provider of innovative service assurance applications to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) globally for over two decades.

I see our products and solutions in cloudification, AIOps and automation as a key enabler in assuring high performance of CSP networks, driving automation of operations and enabling CSPs to monetize consumer and enterprise services, empowering them to be successful in a highly competitive market.

Recently, a large Tier 1 CSP implemented our AIOps driven solutions to reduce the time to identify and resolve network challenges. This resulted in 20–30% operational improvements with significant economic benefits. Our solutions also played a key role in ensuring that they effectively manage high-traffic and hypermobility events.

For a wide range of customers, we support their zero-touch assurance programs by driving automation; this has resulted in 80% reduction in the time to identify and resolve network challenges. This is the tip of the iceberg — with time and maturity, these use cases will evolve, and provide larger efficiencies and benefits to CSPs globally.

MYCOM OSI’s innovative applications are in lockstep with the next-gen CSPs’ needs. Many revenue streams will come from Industry 4.0, for which the assurance of 5G networks and slicing is vital. We have already made great inroads into that space. At a Tier 1 CSP, we have delivered assurance for their entire 5G standalone network — with capabilities to proactively optimize performance, meeting committed SLAs — therefore driving increased revenues.

Communications service providers need to automate network and service operations. Can you tell us more about your latest automation solutions and what they provide?

CSPs are focused on optimizing performance and reducing costs through increased automation.

With a pioneering CSP, MYCOM OSI have worked in an innovative partnership to deliver solutions to drive automation with great outcomes, including reducing the time to resolve problems by 80% and automating 100% of the trouble ticketing process.

MYCOM OSI works collaboratively with customers to understand their business and economic drivers, processes, people, and ambitions. Our AIOps solutions help CSPs automatically predict and optimize resource usage and redeploy teams to support their growth aspirations. Our automation solutions offer proactivity and automated analysis, in line with their zero-touch assurance and dark NOC programs. At the back of these innovations is our fully cloud-native software to automate and assure the customer ecosystem and its operations.

With 2022 coming to an end, what have been the highlights and achievements of MYCOM OSI this year? And how would you describe the company’s performance over the past few years in the face of all the innovations to come?

The highlights always center around helping our customers achieve their strategic and economic goals, as well as innovating within our business.

One of our greatest achievements in innovation was at a leading-edge CSP where our AIOps solutions offered predictive capabilities to manage high mobile data traffic during the COVID pandemic and beyond. For this, we were recognized by the industry and nominated for “Outstanding AI/Automation” and “Advancing Artificial Intelligence” awards.

Our innovation in cloud nativity keeps us ahead of the game, as was confirmed by two recent wins at large pioneering CSPs in Europe.

Another substantial achievement has been assuring a large nationwide 5G standalone network — this provides a unique platform to assist other customers.

We are pleased to say that our automation solutions are now formally established in the industry. In fact, we were recently declared a finalist for the “Automation Initiative of the Year” by Glotel Awards.

Innovation is part of our DNA. We have pioneering customers, talented employees and a market going through rapid change. We are excited about the opportunity this offers to build on our capabilities, execute on our strategy and enable our customers to achieve growth and drive increased revenues from both the consumer and enterprise markets. We will continue to invest in technology and innovation to help our customers meet their strategic and commercial goals.

This blog was first posted in Telecom Review on 6th Dec 2022: