How AIOps and Enterprise Assurance help CSPs deliver advanced connectivity services

In an interview with Telecom Review, Mounir Ladki, President and CTO at MYCOM OSI, spoke about the enterprise assurance solutions for CSPs. He also talked about how AIOps helped the company to further innovate to address the future growth.

MYCOM OSI recently released its Enterprise Assurance Solutions for CSPs which deliver both high capacity and reliability. How can these solutions impact CSPs in the long run?

MYCOM OSI believes that the future telecom should focus on the enterprise segment because it’s where the biggest opportunities for growth and monetization lie. This can also help CSPs to tap into that market segment and expand their market share. We help them deliver, assure and monetize advanced connectivity services that will underpin the digitization of various industry verticals like transport, logistics, aviation, manufacturing and many more. In addition, there’s definitely room for service providers to deliver services with guaranteed SLAs and quality of service and monetize them. Beyond that we are working with service providers to help them deliver assured monetized advanced digital services beyond connectivity, and these services will be in real time on-demand and will combine advanced connectivity, such as 5G slices with cloud services and data analytics, to deliver value to the enterprises and for them to share a part of their value and growth.

Software and AI are becoming the brain of telecom networks. How has this helped MYCOM OSI with its innovative abilities?

MYCOM OSI firmly believes that this promise of growth and delivering real-time on-demand and digital services to enterprises can only be successfully met if operators are able to massively automate their operations and move from a reactive to a predictive mode of operations, in addition to using AI to deliver higher value to their customers and coming up with agile product offerings and delivery ethics at a much faster pace. The company has been focusing in the past months on augmenting our various service assurance and analytics solutions with AI and Machine Learning capabilities to turn this into the brain of the network. This brain will enable the evolution towards what we call “autonomous network” that can underpin this business model and allow the operators to deliver digital services to their customers.

What is the importance of assurance, automation, and analytics software as a service (SaaS) application for the digital era?

Today, there is consensus in the industry that applications such as the experience assurance and analytics have to be agile, have to scale on demand and oriented with AI and the cloud model. SaaS model is really the best suited to achieve these objectives because it provides the required agility; allows our customers and us to benefit from the cloud economics offered by these models in collaboration with public cloud providers. Furthermore, it is the model that enables AI at scale, because telecoms require a massive amount of storage and processing to reach the desired levels of accuracy and that can only be fulfilled with this.

The company has seen in the last couple of years some phenomenal traction for the SaaS model with an increased adoption rate and we have seen a lot of opportunities going forward.


This blog was first posted in Telecom Review on 13th January 2022: