How AIOps-enabled automation will deliver the dark operations center

As 5G technology takes over mobile networks and telcos begin to deliver enterprise services, the Operations Center needs to become the brain of the network and the most intelligent and self-operating part of the network. View

Helping telcos adapt into a new business model

Telcos are dealing with the evolution of newer business models. This evolution is primarily driven by the smart industry, which requires ubiquitous connectivity with high reliability. View

Solutions blog: Simplifying the Telco Operations Center through AIOps-driven Automation

With AIOps-based solutions, operations engineers could cut down thousands of incoming events and trouble tickets each day and systematically track accuracy of root cause analysis. View

How AIOps and Enterprise Assurance help CSPs deliver advanced connectivity services

How AIOps and Enterprise Assurance help CSPs deliver advanced connectivity services. View

Technology Blog – How MYCOM OSI migrates stateful applications to AWS cloud with zero downtime

How MYCOM OSI was able to design workload migrations for its suite of Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) applications from on-premises private data center environments into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model based on AWS. View

Technology Blog- MYCOM OSI’s Amazon EKS adoption journey

How MYCOM OSI was able to lower costs and improve the flexibility of their SaaS platform and bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) option by implementing support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) View

Experience Assurance: helping Communications Service Providers assure the enterprise experience

Helping Communications Service Providers assure the enterprise experience View

Assuring Smart Industry

As communications service providers offer connectivity services for their enterprise customers, service quality management needs to be redefined. View

Why AI and automation are critical for assuring smart services

Industrial sectors, including manufacturing, mining and energy production, are undergoing digital transformation to improve decision-making and to automate processes. View

AI-enabled operations of telcos for digitalisation of industries

How software and AI are becoming the brain of telecom networks to reinforce digital businesses. View

Technology Blog- MYCOM OSI Service Impact Engine migration to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

MYCOM OSI offers assurance, automation, and analytics software as a service (Saas) applications for the digital era. View

5G slice assurance in autonomous networks

5G network slices have an important role in delivering differentiated and guaranteed connectivity services to enterprise and vertical industry tenants. View