MYCOM OSI CTO on creating the conditions conducive to innovation

Mounir Ladki, president and CTO, MYCOM OSI, explicates the dynamic strategies that go behind the successful telco to techo-enablement of efficient, effective operations. View

How operational automation can optimise telco spend

New revenue streams for the telcos are emerging from the 5G technology, focused on supporting Industry 4.0 services. To speed up the delivery of these business-critical services, automation of 5G network operations has become an essential consideration. View

Creating value for telcos in tough economic climate

By monetising operations support systems, telcos could maximise the value of their investments as well as reduce costs. In a tough economic climate, a collaborative approach between software vendors and telcos for a value realisation program could lead to the optimisation of spend. View

Driving intelligent data mining in telcos for revenue growth

Telcos are reshaping their business considering the smart industry opportunity, and utilising AI to understand their own data, optimise their resources and cut down operational expenses. View

Telco Cloud Energy Optimization for a Sustainable Future

Telco Cloud Energy Optimization for a Sustainable Future. MYCOM OSI and Intel initiated an exciting partnership in 2022 to provide an intelligent solution to boost Telco Cloud Energy efficiency. View

Technology Blog- How MYCOM OSI Optimized SaaS Storage with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

MYCOM OSI has improved the cost-performance dimension by adopting Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. It explores how the storage option was evaluated to identify a solution that optimizes the handling of large and complex telco assurance datasets. View

How 5G and Hyperautomation can turn telcos into growth engines powering the global digital transformation

The telecom industry has a huge potential to offer advanced connectivity services and Innovative digital services. View

MYCOM OSI CEO discusses how Innovation is part of our DNA

AIOps and automation are key enablers in assuring high performance of CSP networks and enterprise services. View

How AIOps-enabled automation will deliver the dark operations center

As 5G technology takes over mobile networks and telcos begin to deliver enterprise services, the Operations Center needs to become the brain of the network and the most intelligent and self-operating part of the network. View

Eliminating Silos to Enable End-to-End Network and Service Quality Assurance

Eliminating Silos to Enable End-to-End Network and Service Quality Assurance View

Celebrating World Wellbeing Week: Our Commitment to Employee Wellness

As we celebrate World Wellbeing Week, let's delve into the wonderful initiatives we have implemented to foster wellbeing within our organisation. View

Helping telcos adapt into a new business model

Telcos are dealing with the evolution of newer business models. This evolution is primarily driven by the smart industry, which requires ubiquitous connectivity with high reliability. View